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Social Technographics Reaches The Audience

Charlene Li at Forrester Research has introduced a new buzzphrase: social technographics.

It’s all about using the right technologies to build relationships.

StumbleUpon Deletes Audience Rank Feature

StumbleUpon has ticked some of their users off recently by removing their audience rank feature.

SEO expert Joe Whyte wrote this on his blog about the sites actions. "It looks like Stumble Upon has taken a page out of the book of digg and started removing factors that allow you to gauge your rank and profile power within stumble upon."

Writing for More Than One Audience

Many sites tend to steer clear of controversy, but want the traffic controversy can bring. What are the solutions?

BlogHer: How to Build Your Audience

Elise Bauer, Simply Recipes and Learning Movable Type

Three things to thing about, with respect to building traffic:

SXSW: Community Ecology

SXSW Liveblogging: Community Ecology: Finding Balance When Working with Fan Groups

"How to best nurture your online community ecosystem in order to avoid fan burnout, maintain balance between community and company goals, and drive business success."

SXSW: World Domination Via Collaboration

"Many companies are so focused on the goal of building a community in order to exploit it that they skip a crucial step that ultimately hurts their business plan: Collaborating with users/customers to build a product or experience that can dominate the market because it’s great. It is possible to strike that balance: Building community, maintaining credibility, meeting organizational objectives.Meet company leaders whose models are steeped in user collaboration — and who have been working on the ground level themselves."

Global Internet Audience Grows 10%

comScore Networks, a firm that measures the digital age, has found that 747 million people, age 15 and over used the Internet worldwide in January 2007. This is a 10 percent increase over January 2006.

Out of the top 15 countries, ranked by penetration, Internet audiences in India grew the most with an increase of 33 percent. This was followed by the Russian Federation, which grew its Internet audience by 21 percent and trailed by China, which increased by 20 percent.

The Best Keywords

No, I’m not going to give you a list of most searched or most clicked keywords or whatever. Instead I’m going to talk about how to determine which keywords will be the best for you.

RFID Billboards Target Mini Audience

Drivers of the charming little Mini Coopers may be invited to sign up for an interactive billboard promotion called Motorby, where RFID equipped keyfobs will change the message as these drivers approach the billboard.

Death of the Page View?

Fred Wilson predicts the death of the page view in 2007 as a key metric for web businesses.

Presence – Useful For Webinars?

Line56 published an article Monday talking about presence becoming a more important part of IBM’s collaborative environment.

Podcast Audience Increasing

The audience for podcasts may be small but there are signs of growth. A report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, says that 12 percent of Internet users have downloaded a podcast so they listen to it or watch it at a later time.

Can adTV Capture An Audience?

A new website will launch in mid-January and be focused on only commercials. The site will be called adTV.

A Million-Attendee Event

This week, the Jamestown 400th Commemoration Commission hosted a webcast from Jamestown, Virginia. They worked with The History Channel to create a webcast aimed at school children to teach about the first permanent English settlement in America. The event was broadcast by satellite on television, but was also available over the Internet. According to news accounts, the audience was estimated at more than one million viewers.

New Audience Metric Needed
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I was just reading Jeneane Sessum’s post about the latest Ze Frank/Rocketboom dustup and she’s right, we need to measure stuff other than just whether a download got completed or not.

Target Audience Should Define Your Marketing Channel

Kevin Newcomb has details of Forrester Research’s analysis of how marketers should use different channels depending on the age of their target audience.

Video Advertising Ticks Off the Audience?

This is why I appreciate the sponsorship of my ScobleShow that Seagate paid for. They aren’t asking me to run stupid video advertising, like the Wall Street Journal talks about today, that pisses off my audience.

comScore: Social Networking Booming Worldwide

Comscore Media Metrix just released audience numbers for some of the largest social networking sites on the Web.

Google and Ask Increase Audience Share

It’s not really surprising that Google continues to dominate search share in the US.

Live Up to Title – Involving the Audience

Search Engine Watch Forums Live! was promoted on the Jupiter Media JupiterEvents.com site like this: “This informal, half-day event offers attendees the opportunity to meet several moderators of the SearchEngineWatch Discussion Forums in person…

Researching Blogs to Enhance Your Future Search Engine Audience

Do you ever wish you could peer into the future and see what it holds? I’m not talking about a time-traveling DeLorean or space-leaping Tardis.