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eBay Drops Media Fees, Keeps Feedback Changes
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The price for inserting media like books, movies, music, and video games on eBay drops in response to angry seller feedback.

eBayer Auctions Personal Data To Marketers

People sell all kinds of stuff on eBay. The past brings us listings for immortal souls (deleted), Britney Spears hair (mostly deleted), and even cruel Christmas presents (deleted pronto). And now someone is selling his personal data to the highest bidding marketer.

Yahoo Connects Re-Org To Mission
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The minor shuffling Yahoo undertook last year saw the formation of three divisions to oversee the company’s operations. Yahoo Network Division head Jeff Weiner explained how it’s going to work.

eBay: Going, Going, Yahoo Auctions Gone

Those “Highlander” movies (and the television series) are fairly fuzzy memories for me, but I’m quite sure that they involved a bunch of guys running around, chopping each other’s heads off, and absorbing each other’s power.  Well, Yahoo Auctions pretty much decapitated itself, but that act effectively leaves eBay as “the only one.”

Yahoo Auctions Ending Their Run
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In June, Yahoo will give up competing with eBay and other auction sites in the US and Canada by shuttering Yahoo Auctions.

Google To Lobby FCC About Spectrum Auctions

Google, Yahoo, and eBay have enlisted satellite carriers EchoStar and DirecTV to help them lobby the Federal Communications Commission about keeping a close eye on how spectrum auctions are conducted. The alliance aims to put tighter reins on incumbent last mile providers of broadband access.

The last mile and who controls it has been a mounting concern among the major "network-less" players like Google, Yahoo, and eBay. The concern rises from suspicion of the telecommunications industry, and its control over chokepoints.

Virtual Property Auctions Nixed By eBay
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Since the dawn of EverQuest, the godfather of Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs), companies have turned a tidy profit from selling virtual items and currency that only exist within the game in exchange for real life cash.

The Auction Media FAQ

Google’s plan to adapt its auction-based advertising system to non-search and offline media, plus the gathering momentum of eBay’s E-Media Exchange, have caused the term “Auction Media” to begin appearing more frequently in industry news coverage.

eBay Adds ‘Skype Me’ Icons For Auctions

On Monday eBay said that it had a special announcement for sometime Tuesday regarding a new incorporation of Skype technology for its online auction house. Bill Cobb, president of eBay North America, announced sellers can begin placing “Skype Me” buttons alongside product listings.

Advertising Auctions: An Unstoppable Force?

Welcome to the brave new world of convergence, one in which the Web more closely resembles TV, and new forms of TV advertising rely on methods and technologies which proved their worth on the Web.

Taking Aim At Online Auctions

There’s nothing like the simple joys of finding something on eBay, putting in a bid, watching the auction clock tick down, and having someone snipe the item out from under the rest of the bidders.

Google’s Future in Auctions

When you leak news of further diversification, the market often punishes. After record earnings, though, this news of Google’s development of an auction service pushes the stock up another six bucks. I suppose that’s a buy on rumor reaction.

Selling on eBay? Here’s a Success Tip for Your Online Auctions
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Are you planning to sell on eBay? Or have you tried in the past but not had much success with your online auctions? If so, here’s a strategy that has worked very well for me.

Rent A Coder & Other Service Auctions
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You may be in the market for a new website. Perhaps you may be looking for a new logo or a database constructed for yourself or a small business.

How Web Services Spurt Multi-Bidder Real Time Auctions

Banner-alike real-time auctioning Web Services can be easily incorporated into websites – just like a regular banner.

Online Marketing: Online Auctions

Many people have not considered the value of using online auction houses, such as eBay and Yahoo! Auctions, to promote their own businesses. No matter your business, with a little creativity, you can use this tool to market yourself.

Five Surefire Ways to Win Auctions with Lower Bids

If an item in an auction gets fewer people looking at it then it will get fewer bids and hence go for less money. So all you need to do is find these items that people are not looking at.

Earning Bidders’ Trust with Your eBay Auctions

Monday morning I caught part of an interview on the “Today Show” with an online auction fraud expert. I didn’t catch her name, but she was giving tips on how buyers and sellers can protect themselves from auction fraud.

Online Auctions: Play it smart

Online auctions are a terrific way to save money, or make an extra buck. According to a 2002 Newsweek article, more than 50 million people buy and sell on eBay, not counting the millions that buy and sell via other auction venues. This is beneficial for both buyers and sellers, but any online venture is bound to have pitfalls. Online auctions are basically an honors system type of business.

Buy Advertising from Online Auctions

There are many types of affordable advertising and website promotion services that you can find at auctions. Some of the services include banner advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising, guaranteed website visitors, guaranteed signups for your program, search engine submission services, search engine optimization, domain names, and even entire websites. I’ll briefly talk about the three most common forms of advertising available at auctions.

How To Use Online Auctions As Traffic Generators!

There are thousands of online auctions on the internet. People love them because they can usually find great bargains. If you have an online business, you can use them to increase traffic to your web site.