eBay Partners With Invaluable For Live Auctions

eBay Partners With Invaluable For Live Auctions

By Chris Crum May 8, 2014

eBay announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Invaluable to bring over 2,000 auction houses to eBay buyers. Invaluable has its own live online bidding platform letting collectors and dealers around the world bid in real time. It provides …

Coke Formula Claim Goes Up For Auction Coke Formula Claim Goes Up For Auction

Every few years someone pops up with a claim that they’ve uncovered the legendary formula for Coca-Cola. The soft drink company has kept the formula a carefully guarded secret for decades, and always shoots down claims. In 2011, public radio …

Titanic Violin to be Auctioned Off Titanic Violin to be Auctioned Off


The violin of Wallace Hartley, bandleader on the RMS Titanic, will be put up for auction on April 20. The news comes courtesy The Daily Mail, which reports that the violin is currently undergoing tests to prove its authenticity. Wallace …

Lennon Letter to Clapton Up For Auction Lennon Letter to Clapton Up For Auction

Entertainment memorabilia auction house Prifiles in History this week announced that the personal correspondence of several famous musicians will be up for auction on December 18 in Los Angeles. 300 of the “most important” items from a collection of over …

Einstein Letter on God to Be Auctioned on Ebay Einstein Letter on God to Be Auctioned on Ebay


On January 3, 1954, Albert Einstein mailed a letter from Princeton, New Jersey to Eric B. Gutkind in Germany. The letter was Einstein’s response to Gutkind’s book, Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt, which Gutkind had mailed to him. …

Apple 1 Computer Goes For Almost $400K Apple 1 Computer Goes For Almost $400K

I’m a Windows fan now, but that doesn’t mean that I hate Apple. In fact, I have a soft spot for the Apple II – my very first computer. I would love to get my hands on its predecessor, but …

Bill Gates’ Old Porsche Sells for $80,000 Bill Gates’ Old Porsche Sells for $80,000

According to Wolfgang Humer, a representative from Dorotheum auction house in Vienna, Bill Gates old Porsche 911 aroused quite a bit of interest when it went up for auction. Apparently there were bidders from all over the world, but it …

Huge Ted Williams Auction Kicks Off Saturday Huge Ted Williams Auction Kicks Off Saturday

Baseball fans and sports historians alike are anticipating a giant auction of legend Ted Williams’ memorabilia on Saturday. The auction, set to take place at Boston’s Fenway Park on Saturday has plenty of incredible items, including pieces from Williams’ personal …

Newspapers Launch eBay Competitor Boocoo to Help Boost Revenues

Over 300 newspapers have joined together with Ranger Data Technologies to launch a new online auction site called Boocoo that would compete with eBay, and hopefully boost newspapers’ revenues. The auction site puts an emphasis on local auctions.

Could an online auction site help newspapers in the revenue department? Tell us what you think.

eBay Starts “5 Free Insertion Fees” Promotion
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If there’s one thing that’s sure to turn the heads of bargain-seekers, it’s the word "free," and a new eBay program capitalizes on this fact by waiving some insertion fees.  Unfortunately, there is a catch or two, and the auction company doesn’t seem likely to win over many of its critics with this move.

eBay Wants Its Sellers Back
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eBayEarly last year, eBay inflicted some damaging policy changes that sent many sellers running for the hills. Now, they apparently are changing the rules to remove negative comments left by customers towards the sellers.

Study: Fear of Losing Drives Auction Prices
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Psychology researchers have suggested fear of losing drives up auction prices, not more “rational” economic principles. So the next time you sense you’re overbidding on eBay, you probably are, not due to any theoretical “price the market will bear,” but instead due to some competitive wiring in your brain that says win at all costs.
Fear of Losing Drives Auction Prices

Selling Your Soul On The Internet Is Hell
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Things aren’t cool anymore once everybody starts doing them, that’s the Law of Cool*. The same applies to selling one’s immortal soul on the Internet, which has entered let’s-throw-a-toga-party-like-they-did-on-Animal-House status**.  Our latest soul peddler is from New Zealand, who learned like others before him that hosted auction websites don’t want anywhere near his soul or lack thereof.

Google Describes How They Print Money
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The auction-based process used by Google and other search advertising companies sets the keyword price for ads, in a way that Google’s chief economist described as an efficient and equitable process.

eBay Drops Media Fees, Keeps Feedback Changes
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The price for inserting media like books, movies, music, and video games on eBay drops in response to angry seller feedback.

eBayer Auctions Personal Data To Marketers

People sell all kinds of stuff on eBay. The past brings us listings for immortal souls (deleted), Britney Spears hair (mostly deleted), and even cruel Christmas presents (deleted pronto). And now someone is selling his personal data to the highest bidding marketer.

Yahoo Connects Re-Org To Mission
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The minor shuffling Yahoo undertook last year saw the formation of three divisions to oversee the company’s operations. Yahoo Network Division head Jeff Weiner explained how it’s going to work.