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eBay Yourself For A Job

One college graduate has taken a more direct approach to finding a position as a rocket scientist, and put his services up for auction in the person of himself as prospective employee on eBay.

Taking Aim At Online Auctions

There’s nothing like the simple joys of finding something on eBay, putting in a bid, watching the auction clock tick down, and having someone snipe the item out from under the rest of the bidders.

Saddam Husseins Uniform Up For Auction

You just never know what’s going to fetch a high price on the Internet. Online auction house Manion has come up with one of Saddam Hussein’s daily dress uniforms. The uniform is being displayed with photos, a description and current bids.

How To Get Links From Auction Sites

Internet auctions have emerged as one dynamic and effective economic force where millions of buyers and sellers are entering regularly.

Google’s Future in Auctions

When you leak news of further diversification, the market often punishes. After record earnings, though, this news of Google’s development of an auction service pushes the stock up another six bucks. I suppose that’s a buy on rumor reaction.

EBay Pulls Drug Auction

In hopes a procuring a defense against a possible bird flu pandemic, a rash of eBayers drove up the price of Roche Holding AG’s influenza drug, Tamiflu, to more than 100 pounds ($174) for a 10-capsule treatment.

eBay Auction To Honor Pentagon Victims

A live auction will take place on eBay beginning September 6, in which all proceeds will go toward a Pentagon Memorial to honor those who died at the pentagon during the 9/11 attacks.

Google Wins Click-Fraud Case vs Auction Experts
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Google 1 – Auction Experts 0.

from [MediaBuyerPlanner] : “Google won its suit against an AdSense partner publisher that it had accused of deliberate click fraud. Two months ago, a California judge granted Google a $75,000 judgment against Auction Experts, a Texas firm, according to MediaPost…

Selling on eBay? Here’s a Success Tip for Your Online Auctions
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Are you planning to sell on eBay? Or have you tried in the past but not had much success with your online auctions? If so, here’s a strategy that has worked very well for me.

Selling through Auction Marketplaces

Consumers are increasingly feeling more comfortable in buying products through the Internet. According to a report released recently by the Department of Commerce first-quarter retail sales rose 23.8 percent to US$ 19.8 billion in the United States from US$ 16 billion a year ago.

Yahoo! No More Auction Fees

Revenue from advertisers in its paid search placement service has been so good that Yahoo has ended auction fees on its US site.

goWholesale Launches Community Forum and Local Auction Search

This week goWholesale launched new features on its web site, including a Community Forum and Advance Local Search for bulk online auctions.

Auction Sales – Keeping Customers You Worked So Hard To Get!

Congratulations, your auction was successful, payment received and now it’s time to ship the item(s) to the customer.

MSN Search Ads May Not Be Auction Based

Goldman Sachs makes a good point: if and when MSN comes out with its own paid search advertising program to repatriate revenues on sponsored listings near search results …

Mamma.com Adds Auction to Pay-Per-Click Offering

DMNews reports meta-search engine Mamma.com has added an auction-based pricing tool to its Mamma Classifieds flat-rate pay-per-click search product.

Podcasters Hunt for Conference Sponsor with eBay Auction

My down under blog buddies Cameron Reilly and Mick Stanic, who produce the ……

PeopleSoft Job seekers Try eBay

After a team of in-house creatives was displaced following Oracle’s acquisition of PeopleSoft, the group turned to eBay to try and find work …

The New Face of Advertising

A 20-year-old US man is selling advertising space on his forehead to the highest bidder on eBay, BBC News reports.

eBay Kicks off Holiday Charity Auction

eBay kicked off their spectacular holiday charity auction with a special Hummer H2 autographed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and personalized with the winning bidder’s name.

Blogger Puts Himself Up for Auction on eBay

The recently held US Presidential Elections have effectively proved that blogs can be one of the most effective ways of getting your message across. And, it is not only politicians, activists and hobbyists who are using to spread their messages but companies like Sun, Microsoft, Audi, eBay, Google and Monster are using blogs as marketing tools.

Search Engine Adds Auction Service

KaZaZZ has launched its online auction network which allows consumers the ability to buy and sell a wide variety of products and services online.