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Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Goes On Auction Block

A Tyrannosaurus skeleton is going up for auction in what is probably the coolest auction in the last 65 million years. Up for auction is a Tyrannosaurus Bataar, a smaller cousin to the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex. According to the official posting, the skeleton is 75% complete and the skull is 80% complete and measures 24 feet in length and standing …

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Marilyn Monroe’s Never-Before-Seen Photos To Be Auctioned

Legend of the silver screen and global icon Marilyn Monroe has managed to remain a mystery to almost everyone since her death in 1962, despite the fact that she was one of the most photographed women in the world at the height of her fame. Having spent much of her childhood in foster homes, she would later become fiercely private …

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167 Liquor Stores Up For Auction Online

It won’t be on eBay, but this online auction is getting much attention in the Pacific Northwest. An online auction was launched yesterday for 167 state-run liquor stores in Washington State. Thanks to voters who passed the initiative last November, the auction will be the first by the Washington State Liquor Control Board. The state is also the first to …

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Man Finds 26K in Safe Bought on eBay

Canoga Park, California eBay seller James Labrecque always states in his auctions that “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET,” all-caps. Well, in one of his recent auctions, $26,000 was included in what the buyer got. A Bartlett, TN eBay buyer was able to get the safe for $122.93, later finding all the cash inside after bringing it to a …

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Interview: Here’s Why Open Auctions for 2G Spectrum Are the Best Option

The war in Washington over wireless spectrum is really beginning to heat up as policymakers and the FCC aren’t seeing eye to eye. The issue is commonly referred to as the “spectrum crunch” since wireless networks are quickly becoming overloaded.

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eBay Contrasts: Infographic

Popular buying/selling/auction site eBay recently released an infographic detailing the contrasts between those who have and haven’t used the site. The information and the details are pretty surprising to read. According to eBay’s blog, the site used what is referred to as “hunch” data to accumulate and form this graphic. According to Hunch.com, Hunch is a “Taste Graph” developed in …

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Vendalism.com Is The New Free Alternative To eBay

When one wants to buy or sell something online, the first things that tend to come to mind are eBay or Craigslist. Out of those two, only Craigslist is free to list items for sale and lacks the tools that eBay provides to their users. Two intrepid men seek to change all that. Marcos and Mateus Boyington of YUNiTi launched …

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