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Olivia Munn: How She Makes Her Love Life Work

Olivia Munn and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers have been dating for months now. One would think that two celebrities with busy schedules would have a hard time making a relationship work, but that doesn’t seem to be the …

G4 Canceling All Of Its Gaming Programming, Including X-Play And Attack Of The Show
· 3

G4, and Tech TV before it, was the one-stop destination for many gamers looking to find something even remotely relevant to their interests on television. The quality had gone downhill over the years, but at least X-Play and Attack of …

Kevin Pereira Is Leaving Attack of the Show, G4
· 25

Pretty soon, G4 is going to be nothing but reruns. The channel that’s gone through more changes than Lady Gaga’s wardrobe is about to lose another familiar face, one of their only remaining. That’s right, Attack of the Show is …

Microsoft Goes Live on Hulu for Bingathon
· 27

With the recent rollout of Bing, the newest search engine from Microsoft, advertisements were to be expected… but just what is a Bingathon?

The Bingathon is an all day infomercial / live show that will be hosted by Olivia Munn (G4’s Attack of the Show!) and Jason Sudeikis (NBC’s Saturday Night Live) on June 8th at 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PST).