Atlas Articles

Net Video Providers Compete

With streaming video footage on the Internet now becoming a key component in all recent high-profile website successes, Atlas and Doubleclick, two marketing technologies providers, are both offering up competing video platform systems for e-commerce customers.

Atlas – the AJAX Engine for ASP.NET

Atlas is an ASP.NET control collection for creating AJAX enabled websites. It is also developed by the man who brought us ASP.NET some years ago, the one and only Scott Guthrie.

Atlas and Atlas Control Toolkit Introduction

What is “Atlas”? According to “Atlas” official site, “Atlas” “is a free framework for building a new generation of richer, more interactive, highly personalized standards-based Web applications.

Atlas Gets Normal Name

Microsoft’s Atlas, a set of tools and technologies designed to make coding in AJAX easier, has finally gotten a product name, or rather, a set of product names (AJAX is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a popular mix of existing technologies).

What Would You Call Atlas?

Brad Abrams says Microsoft will be renaming Atlas, it’s AJAX coding framework, before it ships, and that Microsoft is listening to what the community thinks the name should be.

Atlas Can Lift ASP Development

Microsoft offers its version of an Ajax framework called Atlas, which integrates cross-browser script libraries with ASP.NET server-side development.

The Next Web: Get Up to Speed on Web 2.0

If you want to get up to speed on Web 2.0 – how new technology, business models, innovation and culture changes will affect the direction of the web, the way we do business and the way we live – The Next Web one-day conference in Amsterdam on Friday 7 July is the place to be.

Run XP on a Mac? Cool!

Apple today announced Boot Camp, which lets you run Windows XP on one of those new Macintoshes. Very interesting! The bloggers go wild!

Cool Stuff for Developers Over on Scotts Blog

Scott Guthrie is a general manager at Microsoft. One thing I like is his blog. It’s been getting more and more popular with developers over the past few months.

MSN Search Links Up With Times Online

The British news site will have its search functions powered by MSN, as Microsoft finds placement in an area where Google and Yahoo have dominated.

Microsoft Pumps Up Atlas At PDC

At its Los Angeles conference, Microsoft talked more about its Atlas Web development technologies.

Atlas Search Focuses on Marketing Strategy

At AD:TECH New York, Atlas DM released two cases studies demonstrating the success agencies and direct advertisers are having with Atlas Search, the industry’s first integrated search marketing and online campaign management system.

Atlas DMT Adds More Search Engines To Atlas OnePoint

Atlas DMT, a digital marketing technology provider, announced today the addition of LookSmart and Mirago to their line-up of supported search engines for their Atlas OnePoint paid search management tools. The company also unveiled its currency conversion tools for its web analytics and conversion tracking service, called the Atlas OnePoint ProfitBuilder.