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Atheist Billboards to Pop Up in California
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First we heard about atheist churches springing up around the country, and now a group is planning to put up billboards in California to promote an atheist campaign–just in time for Christmas. The billboards are part of the “Out of …

Atheist Churches Are On the Rise in the U.S.
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A new type of church is springing up these days, but these aren’t your run of the mill churches. Sure, you’ve got people congregating on Sunday morning as well as participating in a lot of other things that are part …

Pope Francis Reaches Out to Atheists
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Eugenio Scalfari, a self-described “non-believer”, co-founder and former editor of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, asked in two letters some theological questions for Pope Francis. In one of Scalfari’s questions to the Pope, he asked whether or not “God forgives those …

Atheist Monument Unveiled Next to Ten Commandments
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For years a battle has raged between people who maintain that the United States is a Christian nation, founded upon Biblical principles and specifically intended to be Christian, and those who say that the U.S. is and was always designed …

Wolf Blitzer Tells Tornado Survivor To Thank The Lord, Finds Out She’s An Atheist
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Anybody would be thankful to survive the massive tornado that recently wrecked areas of Oklahoma. The person, or deity, being thanked might be different though. CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer found that out the hard way as he was talking to …