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AT&T Completes Acquisition of Verizon Assets

AT&T has completed its acquisition of wireless assets from Verizon Wireless, which Verizon agreed to give up to gain regulatory approval of its acquisition of Alltel.

AT&T: Buzz the “Best Way” to Get Your Business in Front of Facebook Users
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Update: AT&T Announced today that Buzz.com is now available to the pubic. To read more about the service, read our exclusive interview with AT&T about the services below.

AT&T Launches New Music App
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AT&T has launched a new music application that combines a number of different apps into one multifaceted application.

The AT&T Music application is available on three feature phones including the LG Xenon, Samsung Solstice and Samsung Impression. The company said it plans to make the service available as a download on additional handsets soon and will being preloading it on devices this summer.

How Much Is Mobile Going to Change the Search Market?
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More people have the web in the palm of their hands than ever before. Smartphone usage isn’t exactly slowing down, and for that reason, the search market might get shaken up considerably in the coming months. Google has long dominated the search market, and to this day continues to do so. There is nothing indicating that will change in the near future, but the rise of smartphones and deals among different players could conceivably shake things up, and make things a bit more competitive.

AT&T Launches FamilyMap For iPhone
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AT&T has introduced its FamilyMap App for the iPhone, which allows users to track the location of family members.

Users can download the FamilyMap the App Store on iPhone or at iTunes. Users can track tow phones on an account for $9.99 a month or up to five phone for $14.99 per month. The FamilyMap App can also be used on most other AT&T smartphones. Previously the app was only available via a desktop.

Possible Outcomes Of The iPhone Becoming A Non-AT&T Exclusive

The folks at Apple just need to wake of in the morning to create news of all sorts that could shape the online world in many ways. First, there’s the talk about some profits in Q1 that would make any company happy (The company posted revenue of $15.68 billion and a net quarterly profit of $3.38 billion, or $3.67 per diluted share).

AT&T Goes On The Offensive Against Google Voice

After getting the Google Voice App blocked on the iPhone and the FCC to scrutinize Google Voice, you’d think AT&T could sit back and rest assured. But not so.

AT&T Launches Entertainment Site

AT&T is getting into the online content business with the launch of its new website AT&T Entertainment.

AT&T Entertainment is focused on professional content offering TV shows and movies much like Hulu. Content providers include ABC, NBC Universal (via an agreement with Hulu), CBS, CW, Syfy and Bravo.

Users can find content by browsing TV shows and movies alphabetically, by genre, or by network or studio. The site is open to any user, whether you are an AT&T customer or not.

New Mobile Search Ads for Yellow Pages App
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AT&T Interactive has announced an updated version of its YellowPages.com YPMobile app for the iPhone. The new version has a couple of new features that focus on the discovery, planning, and sharing of local businesses and events – video profiles and Pay Per Calls ads.

AT&T Fingered In Google Voice/App Store Fiasco
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The accusations are still flying when it comes to Google Voice getting banned from the iPhone App Store.  Andy Kessler, a former hedge fund manager, has even gone so far as to say that AT&T "killed" the service.

AT&T Talks New Yellow Pages
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Sometimes it can be easy to forget that people use other sites besides Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find local results. There are plenty of people using YellowPages.com, and why not? Google may have the most untouchable brand on the Internet right now, but the Yellow Pages brand has been around much longer.

There are still plenty of people using the print version of the Yellow Pages, but the AT&T’s YellowPages.com extended network still gets over 40 million unique visitors a month according to the company. Not too shabby.

Barnes & Noble Offering Free Wi-Fi
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Barnes & Noble said today it would offer free wireless Internet access at all its bookstores nationwide.

Barnes & Noble has offered Wi-Fi access via AT&T since 2005, but that was a subscription-based service.  Customers shopping in the bookstore will now be able to preview over 700,000 eBook titles along with thousands of public domain titles available from Google, on their Wi-Fi enabled devices.  The company says its number of eBook titles is on track to reach the one million mark soon.

AT&T Combines Facebook, Twitter, MySpace in New App
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AT&T has launched a new social networking app, which combines access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and customizable news feeds. It’s called the AT&T Social Net App, and it’s available as a free download.

Google Voice Completely Banned From Apple’s App Store
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UPDATE: There is a Twitition floating around asking "Apple to unblock Google Voice App".

If you wish to sign it, go here.

AT&T Enters the Yahoo Ad-Selling Business
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Yahoo and AT&T announced a partnership, where AT&T will sell Yahoo! display ad inventory to local businesses in the US. They will begin doing so later this summer.

"Local businesses are looking to drive in-store traffic, and our alliance with AT&T Interactive will help them reach a local audience of highly-engaged potential customers on Yahoo!," said Jim Schinella, Senior Vice President, North America Region, Yahoo!.

Camera & Microphone Coming for the iPod Touch?

Home based telephone providers should be quaking in their boots today. A rumor is floating around that Apple is quietly prepping the new iPod Touch, which comes with a built in camera and microphone.

iPod Touch: Camera & Microphone Coming?

Amazon Launches New Wireless Store
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Amazon has launched a new site catering specifically to cell phones and their service plans. The online store located at wireless.amazon.com lets users shop for phones by model, service, color, etc. 

You may be able to shop by carrier at AmazonWireless, but that only includes AT&T and Verizon. On top of that, they don’t even carry the iPhone, which is available through AT&T. Here is a look at the site’s bestselling phones:

iPhone 3G S Coming: Businesses Pay Attention
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AT&T announced today that it will begin offering the Apple iPhone 3G S on June 19th. People will be able to preorder them starting today at 5pm ET.

"iPhone 3G S is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet, and we’re extremely proud to offer it to our customers on the nation’s fastest 3G network," said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "We’re also pleased to offer these innovative phones and plans at incredible values, including free Wi-Fi access at nearly 20,000 hot spots." Pricing is as follows:

Did AT&T Help Kris Allen Win American Idol?
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UPDATE: Fox and the American Idol producers released a joint statement saying, "(We) are absolutely certain that the results of this competition are fair, accurate and verifiedKris Allen is, without a doubt, the American Idol. We have an independent third-party monitoring procedure in place to ensure the integrity of the voting process. In no way did any individuals unfairly influence the outcome of the competition."

AT&T To Roll Out Faster 3G Network
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AT&T said today it would upgrade its 3G network to offer considerably faster mobile broadband speeds. The network upgrades will begin later this year and be completed in 2011.

AT&T said it would expand its 3G mobile broadband network from 350 metropolitan areas to about 370 by the end of 2009. The expansion will be covered by its previously announced capital expenditure budget of $17 billion to $18 billion for the year.

Flagship Phones Boosting Sales On Carrier Web Sites

comScore has released data from its monthly wireless ecommerce dashboard, which tracks consumer shopping and purchasing behavior, including handsets and mobile data plans, at all of the major wireless carrier sites.

In terms of overall dollar sales on the carriers’ Web sites, the flagship phones being sold were significant revenue generators. Three of the four flagship phones (Apple iPhone, HTC G1, and Blackberry Storm) ranked as the top revenue driver on their respective sites, even though they ranked just inside the top ten models in terms of unit volume.