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AT&T Partners With eMusic

AT&T has announced a deal with eMusic, in which mobile subscribers will be able to download music to their mobile phones.

Google Won’t Put Up Or Shut Up
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As AT&T resorts to playground taunts, Google pushes up its glasses and resorts to economic theory. But it’s still not certain yet which side the FCC will take: the bully’s or the Poindexter’s.

Google Fear Hits AT&T Square In The Jaw
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As predictable as daylight, AT&T isn’t happy about Google’s plan to bid on the 700MHz wireless spectrum. The telecommunications giant is poised to claw any competition out of the equation, and is hoping its traditional ally, the FCC, will have its back again.

AT&T Wants To Be Copyright Police
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How would you feel about your ISP digging into the stuff you send out to check for pirated content? Sounds kind of Big-Brotherish, doesn’t? A sort of TSA for your data packets. Enter Ma Bell and the Copyright Police.

Is Buying An iPhone A Vote Against Net Neutrality?
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One name we haven’t seen in the Net Neutrality debate is Apple, Inc. Though Jobs & Company are cozy with neutral net advocate Google, they also just launched iPhone with AT&T exclusivity. And that brings up some interesting questions, the most interesting of which: Is buying an iPhone a vote against Net Neutrality?

iPhone: The Pre-Launch Aftermath
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Love it or hate it or sick of it, Apple’s iPhone is a hit before it hits, with searches for information spiking hundreds of percent, people lining up outside stores, old men complaining about it just as the rate plans are announced, three full days before the thing actually launches.

AT&T: Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet About Cheap DSL

AT&T’s been sounding its trumpets about new wireless video offerings, especially in advance of the much-anticipated iPhone launch. They’ve kept those trumpets far away, however, from their FCC-required $10 per month DSL.

Men Lead Women In Wireless Usage

Men average 458 minutes of monthly wireless phone usage, while women trail slightly with 453 minutes according to a new survey from AT&T.

New AT&T Same As The Old AT&T
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AT&T chief Ed Whitacre is out, retired, ready to sit back and enjoy his golden (and I mean golden) years. As of yesterday, he’s replaced by SBC front-man Randall Stephenson, a 25-year company man, and a man after Whitacre’s own heart.

Cingular and Verizon Are Full of It
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You would think that questions about linking to a website, or more specifically, what you’re allowed to say when linking, would have been put to rest. But that’s not true for Cingular or for Verizon Wireless, who think they have a right to control your hyperlink anchor text and where you link on their public sites.

Sen. Dorgan Praises Net Neutrality Coalition

Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) criticized both AT&T head Ed Whitacre and Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) for their efforts against Network Neutrality protections during a conference call with reporters today, as the SaveTheInternet.com coalition celebrated its first anniversary.

Bell Deja Vu: Is It Time To Break Up Google?

Since Google’s surprise (and staggering) acquisition of DoubleClick, the most unlikely of trustbusters (Microsoft and AT&T) have emerged. Though their complaints may seem opportunistic and hypocritical, they may be on the money with the level of control the deal gives Google. Smaller entities are chiming in as well, suggesting it may be time to do with Google what was done with the baby bells.

Yahoo, AT&T Marriage In The Offing?

Yahoo stocks plunged Friday after a Wall Street Journal article suggested that Yahoo and AT&T were breaking their Internet access partnership, a move that would, it was thought, dump $250 million from Yahoo’s revenue stream. Both companies issued a statement reaffirming their commitment to one another, renewing speculation about a potential merger.

Google To Lobby FCC About Spectrum Auctions

Google, Yahoo, and eBay have enlisted satellite carriers EchoStar and DirecTV to help them lobby the Federal Communications Commission about keeping a close eye on how spectrum auctions are conducted. The alliance aims to put tighter reins on incumbent last mile providers of broadband access.

The last mile and who controls it has been a mounting concern among the major "network-less" players like Google, Yahoo, and eBay. The concern rises from suspicion of the telecommunications industry, and its control over chokepoints.