Verizon Picks 4G LTE Technology

Verizon Picks 4G LTE Technology

By WebProNews Staff November 29, 2007 | 4 Comments

Verizon’s second big announcement of the week is that the company plans to develop and deploy its next generation mobile broadband network using Long Term Evolution (LTE), a technology more closely related to GSM, used by rival AT&T, which will also be upgrading to the LTE format.

AT&T Makes 5 Million Napster Songs Available

AT&T announced today that it would allow its subscribers to download music from Napster’s catalog of over five million songs directly to their cell phones. The service will launch early next month.

Net Neutrality, Now With Less Spin

Have the telecoms and cable companies just abandoned the Net Neutrality fight altogether? It used to be they staged aggressive rhetoric battles, created questionable studies, and pretended to honor Net Neutrality on their own – without legislation.

A Neutral Net Will Save The Watchdogs

Something is starkly wrong when diametrically opposed ideologues join hands in public to protest something else. That something wrong, in a nutshell: the government and communications companies working in concert to erode the freedoms that made our country great.

New Class Action iPhone Lawsuit

Apple and AT&T were named in a class-action lawsuit last week filed in federal court that alleges that the companies illegally conspired to keep customers in AT&T’s wireless network.

AT&T Just Kidding About Cutting Off Critics

It’s nice to see AT&T isn’t immune to some heat. The company is reportedly revising its Terms of Service (ToS) agreement after it appeared AT&T reserved the right to terminate service of those critical of them.

AT&T Sets Spectrum Price, Buys Out Aloha

The remaining frontier is in the sky, as you might guess, and AT&T’s buyout of Aloha’s chunk of 700 MHz spectrum in advance of January’s government auction is a strategic move to conquer that frontier.

(Woops) Telecoms Help Make Case For Neutral Net

One of the more parroted talking points against Net Neutrality has been verbalized this way: It’s a solution in search of a problem. Rather snide, really, if you think about it, and is a remark that usually accompanies a brush off to concerns of gatekeeper abuses.

AT&T And ESPN Partner For College GameDay

AT&T announced today that it is partnering with ESPN College GameDay host Chris Fowler and analyst Kirk Herbstreit this fall for "Confessions of a College Football Junkie," a series of weekly video clips available on AT&T 3G wireless handsets.

AT&T Offers Parental Control For Mobiles

AT&T has introduced a new Web-based feature that allows parents to stay in touch with their children while controlling the children’s mobile phone use.

Hackers Remind That iPhone Is Still MyPhone

People have this silly notion that when they buy something, it belongs to them and they can do what they want with it. Silly people. Apple’s been relatively quiet about threats to sell software and tools to unlock the iPhone, and AT&T hasn’t made any public statements, but a few lawyer warning shots have been fired in private.

A Lot Of Noise In The FCC’s White Space Dilemma

In case you had any hope left that the FCC really works for you, the taxpayer, and not for telecom incumbents, or even a smidge of optimism that the regulatory agency is competent, leave this article now, I’m about squash what hope you have remaining.

AT&T Admits To More Censorship
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What has become the Net Neutrality proof of concept AT&T hoped wouldn’t come about – the censoring of a band with a cult following – is now no longer an isolated incident.

EFF Reminds AT&T What It Said The First Time

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sent a reminder to AT&T (and the rest of us) that at one time the company resisted government pressure to spy on US citizens, and even publicized it.

Pearl Jam Accuses AT&T Of Censoring Webcast

When a "live" webcast of grunge band legend Pearl Jam’s Lollapalooza performance didn’t make it to the audience in tact, the band immediately pointed a finger at AT&T, who sponsored and monitored the event, accusing the telecommunications giant of censorship.

AT&T: Nobody Wants Our $10 DSL
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AT&T’s new head is a smooth one, definitely Dapper Dan and not Fop. It takes a quarter-century of industry experience to tap dance around honest questions the way he does.

Eminem, YouTube Give Apple Some Bad Joojoo
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It’s been kind of a rocky month for Apple, the iPhone, and for AT&T as a lot of people have lined up to take shots at them. Who and what for? Rapper Eminem is one of the bigger names, who joins another in misplaced copyright infringement claims, while rumors, hype, and hidden costs plague the minds (and pocketbooks) of others.