Yahoo Search Assists With Satisfaction

Yahoo Search Assists With Satisfaction

By WebProNews Staff February 19, 2008

The latest Keynote Customer Experience study on search engines showed Yahoo edging out Google for top marks in search assistance & suggestions.

How Yahoo Search Assistant Changes SEO

On Tuesday Yahoo became the last of the four major search engines to offer blended search. Last, but definitely not least as Yahoo’s Search Assist may just be the killer app to get some switching back from Google. Search Assist also has the potential for changing a few things when it comes to optimizing for Yahoo as people begin to unknowingly build more advanced queries.

Yahoo Makes The Assist, Web 2.0-ifies Results

Just as the commotion died down over Microsoft’s Live Search update, Yahoo comes forward with some thunder of its own, unveiling its new Search Assist feature, an interface also focused more on user intent (the new buzz word in search, apparently), with a healthy dose of user-generated content thrown in for good measure.

Yahoo Gives An Assist To Search
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Yahoo Search Assist expands on a person’s query to suggest additional relevant searches and concepts for the searches they perform.

Yahoo’s Search Assist is There When you Need It

Search Engine Land takes a close look at Yahoo’s new Yahoo Search Assist tool. Unlike normal search suggestion tools, Search Assist predicts when you might need a little help with your search and then shows up.

As Danny Sullivan explains…

IBM To Assist With Cell Integration

IBM announced yesterday they would be assisting others with integration of Cell microprocessing technology. In order to accomplish this, IBM is developing new services designed to help others with the forthcoming upgrade.

Yahoo At 1 Gig, Better Late Than Never!

Bloggers are chattering away at the news that Yahoo is matching Google with a 1 gigabyte limit on their free email service.

SBA to Assist Hurricane Ivan Victims

Following the announcement of a Presidential disaster declaration as a result of Hurricane Ivan, SBA Administrator Hector V. Barreto issued the following statement:

Using XSLT to Assist Regression Testing

Regression testing is an important software-testing technique in which the output of a program before a change was made is compared to the output after the change in order to determine whether the change introduced bugs.