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’19 Kids and Counting:’ An Assault Rifle and A Trip to Central America?

19 Kids and Counting’s family, the Duggar family, aren’t the kind of people who cause controversy, but that’s what eldest son Josh Duggar inadvertently did when he and his wife, along with their children, posed for a picture that included an assault rifle. Worse still–in some critics’ eyes anyway–their two young boys were touching the gun. Now don’t jump to …

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Mikhail Kalashnikov Mourned the Deaths Caused by His Invention

The deceased Russian designer of the Ak-47 may have just felt guilty months before his death in December. According to a heartfelt letter to Russia’s Orthodox Patriarch in April 2013, Mikhail Kalashnikov pondered on the notion that he may be guilty in the eyes of God. The head churchman accepted the plea with immense support, for the Russian Orthodox Church …

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Teen With Pellet Gun Shot By Police 7 Times

A 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by police on Tuesday afternoon after they spotted him carrying a pellet gun that looked like an AK-47 rifle. The two deputies didn’t realize the gun was fake and shot the teen seven times in about 10 seconds because they feared for their lives. The teen, identified as Andy Lopez Cruz, was an …

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Gunsmith Uses 3D Printer To Make A Rifle

We’ve seen 3D printers being used to make everything from houses to organs. It proves that 3D printers have the potential to democratize how we make everything, for better or worse. Depending on how you feel about the subject, the next 3D printing marvel could be one or the other. A member from the gun forum AR15 thinks he may …

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The New IPad Vs. HK53 Assault Rifle

The new iPad is known for it’s crystal clear HD retina display. But how does it stand up to a barrage of gunfire. Richard Ryan blasts the iPad on rapid fire with his HK53 assault rifle. But that doesn’t do enough damage for his taste. He finishes it off with a few blasts from his Benelli shotgun, featuring mini dart …

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