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Adding and displaying data easily via ASP and XML/XSL
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Storing and displaying data is a common and essential task, if you are working with Applications. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with desktop Applications or WebApplications.

Creating PGP-Encrypted E-Mails Using ASP

The Concept of PGP

For PGP-based communication both the sender and receiver should have public and private key pairs. The sender’s public key should be distributed to the receiver. Similarly, the receiver’s public key should be distributed to the sender. When sending a message or a file, the sender can sign using his private key. Also, the sender’s private key is never distributed.

Retrieve quick results with ASP/XML and XSL

Recently I was working on a new Project about ASP along with XML/XSL. I recognized that ASP with XML is a very powerful tool and that was the main reason I wrote this article.

Introduction to WAP using WML, ASP and PHP
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By Jean-Baptiste Minchelli

As technology changes, so do the tools that we use to manipulate it. Today the Internet is available from a number of devices, both connected and portable.

An XML-COM+ replacement for the ASP Session object

In order to maintain client session state within a web application that is hosted in a server farm environment a method of storing state must be designed and implemented.

Using Common Sense With ASP

This article contains some hints & tips as well as some things the average ASP user just doesn’t do when using Active Server Pages

The Data Access Dilemma

Whether it is an Internet or Intranet, a web catalog or an e-commerce site with shopping cart, somewhere these applications are accessing a data source.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Active Server Pages
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The objective of this tutorial is to introduce Active Server Pages (ASP) to individuals who are responsible for developing, building, managing or maintaining a Web site. We will define ASP, differentiate between ASP and conventional HTML, demonstrate how to create and convert Web application pages to ASP, and demonstrate how to use ASP for further Web applications. This will involve using JavaScript or Visual Basic Script (VBScript) to write applications that can be run on an ASP Web server.

Emailing Form Input Using ASP

Everybody uses online forms these days, whether to get user feedback or to get orders. They present your visitors with a means to convey their message to you.

Logging In Using ASP – Access2000

After receiving a few queries about how to store passwords using ACCESS and ASP, and then use them as “logins”, I thought, well, why not write in a separate article, instead of attaching multiple ASP files that are full of confusing comments and variables only to be decipherable by my brain?

Learning ASP Series – Installing Personal Web Server

Welcome to the first chapter of your Basic ASP Learning Series.

Title: Learning ASP Series — Getting Your Hands Dirty With VBScript

I know some people don’t like VBScript for being Microsoft-Centric, but it’s very easy to get familiar with, and once you know how to create your ASP pages in VBScript, you can move on to any programming language of your choice.

Learning ASP Series — Your First ASP Page

ASP pages (Active Server Pages page sounds a bit melodramatic but its easier to refer to them like this) are nothing but web pages. The difference is that they have an extension .ASP and you write the code in a Server Side Scripting language.

Using Disconnected Recordsets

Anyone who works with databases will probably at some stage have occasion to work with a particular Recordset over a period of time. However, it would not be practical or desirable to maintain an open connection to the database throughout as this would tie up connection resources. Instead, the user can take advantage of the server’s ability to create disconnected Recordsets.

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Access Using ADO and ASP

The primary aim of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to execute an SQL command within an Active Server Page and display the results in an HTML table.

how to run an asp page with parameters from sql server

Usually we use an ASP page with Javascript or VBScript inside it to either get data from, or put data into SQL Server. However, from time to time you wish you could run that favorite, most useful ASP page that you’ve written that does all those great things and instead have something that happens in SQL Server cause the call to the page.

Do I love the Web? You Bet Your ASP!

The proliferation of Application Service Providers, or ASP’s, is making me very happy! They host software on their own servers which obviates the need for me to own the software and allows testing of programs on machines that couldn’t possibly run that software.