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ASP.NET: Server-side and Client-side Caching

Caching is a very easy solution to many performance related issues on almost any website.

Add variables to standard CSS stylesheets in ASP.NET
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After reading a post on The Cafes about the lack of dynamics in the CSS language, I found myself inspired to do something about it.

ASP.NET Client-Callback – Simplicity vs. Performance

In light of the rising popularity of AJAX during the last couple of years, Microsoft wanted to include the feature natively into ASP.NET’s object model.

Testing an ASP.NET App with the Default Browser

This article is an excerpt from the book: Murach’s ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming with C# 2005.

ASP.NET School For The Online Mind

A New Jersey firm now offers three online courses in ASP.NET programming, delivered through a browser.

ASP.NET Developers and SEO
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If you’re developing for the Web then you should familiarize yourself with some Search Engine Optimization or SEO concepts.

Mainsoft Brings ASP.NET To WebSphere

The company’s MainWin for J2EE, Portal Edition, enables IBM customers to run ASP.NET applications natively on the WebSphere Portal.

ASP.NET – Emailing Form Content

One of the problems that I first encountered when I was learning the ropes was that a book can never tell you everything.

Doing The Walkthrough With ASP

Online options exist for learning how to work with ASP.Net and Microsoft’s Visual Studio, with free and fee choices available.

Optimizing Your Asp.Net Pages for Faster Loading and Better Performance

If you read all of the websites dedicated to Asp.Net you will inevitably read about the wonders of the DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater controls. While each of these has its place, if you are only displaying data there is a much faster and more efficient means to do so.

ASP.Net: Great Products, Great Caching

Fans of ASP.Net products can vote for their choice in the asp.netPro Readers’ Choice Awards online; also, Gadgetopia’s Deane Barker praises the “Output Cache” directive.

ASP.NET How Do I Video Series

Microsoft put together a video series called “How Do I.” The purpose behind the series is to help educate developers by answering common questions regarding ASP.NET 2.0.