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ASP.NET – Toggle Non-server Control Visibility

Since ASP.NET 1.0 you had the ability to toggle the visibility of any HTML tag with the runat=”server” attribute.

ASP.NET: Parse Controls Dynamically
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Most of the primitive types in the CLR have a Parse method that takes a string and parses it into its own data type.

ASP.NET: machineKey Generator

Whenever you make use of ViewState, Session, Forms authentication, or other encrypted and/or secured values, ASP.NET uses a set of keys to do the encryption and decryption.

ASP.NET: Maintain Scroll Position After Postbacks

To maintain the scroll position after postbacks is important for larger web pages in order to let the user know exactly what is going on.

Validating Strong Passwords in C# and ASP.NET
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It’s always a good idea to have a password policy when creating new applications. A password policy can vary from project to project, but the important part is just to have one to begin with.

ASP.NET: A simple factory using Generics
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For about a week ago one of my readers asked me to simplify a piece of his code.

ASP.NET: Remove HTML Comments at Runtime
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I’ve been playing a bit with regular expressions lately and have to find some useful tasks in order to practice the skill.

ASP.NET: Remove HTML Tags From a String
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A lot of websites allow users to input text and submit it to the site.

Refactoring Your ASP.NET Project

One day at work i was refactoring my code as I do everyday, when it suddenly hit me that our ASP.NET projects were also refactored in a sense.

JavaScript: Alert.Show(message) from ASP.NET Code-behind
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In highly interactive websites and intranet sites, you probably want to let the users know what’s going on when they delete, save, export etc. on the site.

ASP.NET: Export a DataTable to Excel
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Back in February I wrote a post on how to export DataTables to XML and Excel and I still get a lot of search engine traffic to that post.

ASP.NET: HttpModule for Moving ViewState to Bottom
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There are two reasons why it is desirable to do so.

ASP.NET: Is it too Difficult?
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There is no doubt in my mind, that ASP.NET is the most powerful and versatile platform for web applications at the moment.

ASP.NET: Remove Unused Objects From the Session

The Session in ASP.NET is a very simple way of storing user specific data for the duration of a single user session.

ASP.NET: Permanent Redirection

The easiest way to make a redirection in ASP.NET is using Response.Redirect(url).

Set HTML Header Items Programmatically in ASP.NET 2.0
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Among the differences between version 1.1 and 2.0 of .NET Framework is the many new controls.

Using the CompilationMode Attribute to Boost Performance

ASP.NET 2.0 introduced the CompilationMode attribute to let the developers decide how to compile individual pages, user controls and master pages.

Atlas – the AJAX Engine for ASP.NET

Atlas is an ASP.NET control collection for creating AJAX enabled websites. It is also developed by the man who brought us ASP.NET some years ago, the one and only Scott Guthrie.

ASP.NET: Control the Number of Alternate Rows in GridView

The GridView control (as well as the DataGrid) has a way of defining the style of every other row of the grid.

The Old Confirm Button Trick

You have probably at some point clicked the wrong input button on a web page, and something bad happened.

Adding Social Bookmark Links to ASP.NET Pages

Social bookmarking is often thought of as being something used only on blogs. That’s probably because you only see them on blogs, when they in fact could be used at most other types of websites as well.