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Yahoo Answers Ahead In Q&A Site Visits

The market share of U.S. visits to a custom category of Question and Answer websites has increased 118 percent for the week ending Mar. 15, 2008, compared to the same week in 2007, Hitwise reported today. Over the past two years, U.S. visits to this category have increased 889 percent comparing Feb. 2008 versus Feb. 2006.

Amazon Launches Q&A Site Askville

There are so very many services that look alike, and whenever a new one comes along, you have to wonder why anyone would bother using it.  In reference to Askville, Amazon has a neat answer: bribes.

AOL Wants To Play Show & Tell

America Online has announced the arrival of it’s “Show Me” website, a user-generated forum geared at providing a means of self-help for visitor in any number of various topics.

Amazon Says NowNow For Mobile Answers
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Hot on the heels of their Askville release, Amazon.com has just debuted NowNow, a mobile service that will provide up to three answers per question for up to 25 cents per question.

Askville From Amazon
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Google Answers has come and gone while Yahoo Answers is still going strong.

Amazon Launches New Q&A Service

The rising trend of social media and user-generated content continues as Amazon touts the launch of its Askville service, a site geared at asking and answering just about any question that you can possibly come up with.