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AskEraser Already Under Fire

Privacy watchdog groups have filed a complaint with the FTC about AskEraser, claiming that the six-week-old service doesn’t live up to its promises of erasing all user search data even when enabled.

What Happens In Ask Doesn’t Stay In Ask

Ask.com isn’t being completely forthcoming about its highly touted AskEraser, which, the company promises, deletes searcher data in a matter of hours. Hours seems to be the amount of time required to send that data to Google first.

Ask’s AskEraser Release

I’m not sure what is more impressive. Ask.com’s official launch of its privacy protection called AskEraser, or all of the press coverage the company is getting from the announcement.


AskEraser Elevates Privacy Standard For Search
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Ask.com launched its AskEraser service across all of the search engine’s products, where people can opt to erase their search history with a single mouse click.

Ask to Put You in Control of Privacy with AskEraser
Ask.com is taking online privacy to a new level–by putting you in control of your privacy when searching on the internet.


Ask Readies AskEraser Privacy Controls

Ask.com will take its research with privacy advocates at the Center for Democracy & Technology into a new product for their search engine.