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AskCity and Entertainment Publishing
AskCity is the best platform for any kind of local search within no time. And now it will also bring a smile on your face as it will even save your hard-earned money.

To know how, one has to enter IAC sister company Entertainment Publications, Inc, which is known as a company that puts out the annual Entertainment coupon books.

AskCity Strikes Coupon Deal

Paris is called the city of light.  Los Angeles is, of course, the city of angels.  And thanks to a new arrangement with Entertainment Publications, AskCity may become known as the city of coupons.

AskCity – Embedded Maps, Re-Routing & Zip Code Search

Ask.com’s AskCity, their business search product, has added the ability to share maps by embedding them in a website, just like Google Maps did 20 days ago*.

AskCity to Revolutionize?

Google maps had been hot favorite for a long time. However, the AskCity is here to revolutionize local map search. It has the same interface as that of Google Maps with astounding features. Lately, Ask blog has informed about fresh batch of upgrades: search enabled drawing tools

AskCity Lets Users Draw On Search

That’s not a figurative title; visitors to AskCity can use the drawing tools to select a section of a city, and then search only within that drawn boundary.

Lights, Camera, AskCity Has The Action

Oscar makes his annual appearance in late February, and the latest service from Ask.com wants to get you to the cinema to catch some celluloid masterpieces before the Oscar pools begin at work.

Looking Around AskCity

If you took a walk around AskCity, what would you expect to find? What have other people been looking for while they were here? Thanks to Ask.com blog, we now know the answers to these questions.

Ask CEO on AskCity

John Battelle has on his blog a post where Ask CEO answers his questions about AskCity.

AskCity From Ask.com

Ask.com has taken its existing maps service, combined it with content from parent-company IAC’s CitySearch and Ticketmaster, stirred the ingredients and baked at 400F for 20 minutes. The result? A great new way to search for business, events, movies and maps using a new service called AskCity.

AskCity Doesn’t Find Amsterdam

Hmmm, wonder why Google’s brand in my brain is going up and not down?

AskCity Drives To Local Search

Local search just became a little more competitive as IACI’s Ask.com now has a dedicated product, called AskCity, available with mobile friendliness, walking directions, and multi-step route construction for its users.