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Ask.com Shifts Their Focus

ask logoA few headlines have popped up today with the good news. I spoke with Ask.com spokesman and VP Nicholas Graham in a personal interview today to clarify Ask’s announcement earlier this week.

The idea that we’re going to become a ‘women’s site’ is not correct,” says Graham. Ask says that the original AP report had an erroneous headline, and it’s pretty much been downhill from there.

Lanzone, Mayer To Keynote SES San Jose

Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone and Google VP of Search Products & User Experience Marissa Mayer will be the featured keynote speakers at next week’s SES San Jose conference.

Ask Follows Google To The Great Northwest

A new datacenter in Moses Lake, Washington, will house an environmentally-friendly server facility with access to low-cost electricity.

Ask3D With Morph & In-line functions
In a recent Ask blog, called “Morph & In-line functions: The power behind the panels” the team discusses how to take advantage of some of the cool features of Ask3D which was launched last week.

Digital Asset Optimization – SEO 2.0
At the past two conferences I’ve spoken at, Search Insider Summit and Media Relations Summit, one of the popular topics that has been floating around the after session meet-ups and dinner conversations concerns the changing nature of search optimization. Some speculate SEO is on the way out. Others say social media is the new SEO.

Ask3D Cuts Back On ‘Search Skim’

The product managers for Ask.com’s revamped interface and presentation contend their design helps cut back on the wasted effort searchers expend when looking for good search results.

Ask Morphs Into Ask3D
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If anyone was wondering why IAC put up a $100 million marketing budget behind Ask.com, the relaunch of the search engine as Ask3D should answer that question.