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CBS Picks Up Dotspotter
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$10 million could buy a lot of stuff – cars, recliners, you name it.  Or it could – and apparently did – buy one celebrity gossip site.  The $10 million came from CBS, and went to Dotspotter.

Back To School Season Benefits Search Engines

Pencil . . . check.  Paper . . . check.  Access to your search engine of choice . . . check.  Well, maybe schools aren’t putting Google on their supply lists, but the back to school season has turned out well for all the major search companies.

Ask, “ET” Partner
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You may or may not be able to monitor the pulse of a nation through search terms, but in this case, that’s something of a non-issue; a partnership between Ask and “Entertainment Tonight” will only focus on celebrity names.

The Graphic Attack On Google

Bellbottoms, the Beetle, even lava lamps – the visual appeal of some things seems to operate in a sort of cyclical nature.  And as search engines start to jazz up their appearances, some see a return to past (read: pre-Google) trends.

Ask-Google Ad Deal Could Expire

It’s always odd to see rivals working together, but in at least one case, that strangeness could cease to exist; Ask and Google may not renew an ad deal that will expire in less than four months.

Web 3.0 Definition

We are all doomed, Jason calacanis has come out with his definition of web 3.0, and for everyone who is not gifted, then well, and maybe we are not web 3.0 worthy. There is a lot of user developed content out there, some good, some bad, most down the middle of the road.

Court Rejects Mans Suit Against Yahoo

A man who wanted to run for Governor of New York but did not receive enough signatures to be placed on the ballot has lost his attempt to sue Yahoo and Ask.com for undermining his "master election plan."

No DMOZ In Google SERP!
Barry Schwartz reports that The Open Directory’s Home Page Goes Missing In Google.

Selling Information Will Become a High Touch Industry

Newspapers Going Free

The NYT just went free and likely the WSJ will follow. Once something goes free it is hard to start charging for it again – just ask Prince.

AskCity – Embedded Maps, Re-Routing & Zip Code Search

Ask.com’s AskCity, their business search product, has added the ability to share maps by embedding them in a website, just like Google Maps did 20 days ago*.

Ask City Draws Up Map Embedding

Users of Ask City can whip out their drawing tools, select an area on a map, search for a relevant business or event, and embed that map on their sites or blogs.

When Wikis Won’t Work

In the past you would remember how I have been talking about wikis over here to reflect how they are some of the most interesting and refreshing social software tools out there to help boost knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst different teams, communities and whatever other groups.

This Guy Will Ask Spammers To Stop…

…Spamming You In Exchange For Links!

The beauty just came into my blog’s spam filter this morning:

Name: Anikrichard | E-mail: anlikivanna.80@mail.ru | URI: *spamlink* | IP: | Date: September 5, 2007

NYT Archives Causing Google Reputation Nightmares

It seems the New York Times search engine optimization efforts are working well–maybe a little too well for some.

Now that more of the NYT’s archives are appearing in Google’s search results, many individuals are finding their past is catching up with them. Worse, it’s the NYT’s version of their past that contains misinformation.

Search Engines Ranked for Privacy

Google got an F on privacy from Privacy International earlier this summer. Their DoubleClick deal got scrutiny from the FTC for privacy issues. But are they really doing worse than other search engines in the privacy area?

SES – Jim Lanzone Keynote

Day 2 of Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007 began with keynote conversation between Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone and SES co-chair Chris Sherman.

SES – Keynote: Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone
Tuesday’s SES’s keynote was with Jim Lanzone of Ask. He talked briefly about the past, present and future of Ask.com.

SES: Search Engines Talk Click Fraud

At SES San Jose, representatives from the big four search engines talked about the persistent threat of click fraud, and how they are fighting back to protect their advertisers.

SES: Ask-ing Jim Lanzone About Search

SES San Jose co-chair Chris Sherman took Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone on a little question and answer journey for the morning conference keynote.

SES San Jose Opens Today

Four days of the search industry’s biggest gathering starts in San Jose, where attendees can learn the finer points about marketing effectively and ranking well with the drivers of search-related traffic.

Ask Makes Smart Answers Healthier

Health-related information from Healthline populates the Smart Answers field in Ask’s search results as an enhancement to the search engine’s ability to handle health queries.

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