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Wikimedia Will Move To San Francisco

At this point, Mountain View, California more or less is Google.  Everyone knows Microsoft’s based in Redmond, and Yahoo’s associated with Sunnyvale.  Now, shaking things up, Wikimedia will move from St. Petersburg, Florida to San Francisco.

Dot-Asia Domain Bidding Opens
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Bidding on .asia domains began in Hong Kong today, initially open to businesses with trademarks and government offices.

Google Ready To Lay Some Pipe

A trans-Pacific cable could be ready to launch in 2009, connecting Google to Asia and the Pacific while delivering a significant cost savings to the company.

Google Homepages Get Altered In Asia

Google’s homepage has stayed (pretty much) the same for a long time, and the smallest changes have generated scads of coverage.  Now, in some foreign markets, the search giant is testing major revisions.

Yahoo oneSearch May Reach 100 Million New Eyes
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The first line of a fresh Yahoo press release describes the corporation as “a leading global Internet company,” and I have to wonder: isn’t that pretty old news?  Yet, following a deal with six mobile operators throughout Asia, the phrase may bear repeating.

Google Sallies Forth Into Singapore
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After months of rumors, Google has finally opened an office in Singapore.  The search engine giant is also reportedly in talks to open a research and development center on the island city-state – yes, let another round of rumors begin.

Social Media Growth Apparently Driven from Asia

Social media and blogging is soaring with Asia a key growth market, according to research conducted by Universal McCann as reported by Brand Republic on May 11.

While I have some concerns about this story (see below), some of the reported stats are quite interesting:

What is Your Asia Strategy for the Global Customer Base?

Something new happened in mid-2006 – five out of the top ten websites listed by Alexa (based on traffic for the previous three months) were Asian. Four of those were Chinese.

Job Search Asia And The Pacific
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The Recruit.net search engine can find jobs for coders in China, analysts in Australia, and system administrators in Singapore.

Java Gains, .NET Holds In The Asia Pacific

Asian developers are steadily adopting Java EE 5, according to the first volume of Evans Data Corp’s APAC Development Survey. .NET is also doing well in the Asian market, with a heavy majority of developers using it in addition other products.

The FSG Goes To Work In Asia

A nonprofit organization trying to prevent the fragmentation of Linux is picking up its activities in Asia. The Free Standards Group (FSG) is standardizing the handling of Chinese characters, and working with the Chinese government to establish the Chinese Linux certification laboratory.

Gates Speaks Out Against Net Censorship, Piracy

Bill Gates says that governments trying to censor information on the Internet are wasting their time.

Bidding War In Asia: CNOOC Vs. Chevron For Unocal

The Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) put in an unsolicited $18.5 billion bid for Unocal, challenging Chevron’s April move to acquire the oil company. Neither is a done deal and this marks China’s continued assertion into corporate hardball.

Former EU Trade Commissioner Leads Race To Head WTO

Former European Union trade commissioner Pascal Lamy is leading the race to head the World Trade Organization.

MSNBC Deploys Citizen Journalists in Quake’s Wake

MSNBC.com has launched a special earthquake eyewitness weblog written by readers that bolsters its coverage of the massive quake that struck Indonesia today with on-the-ground reports.

Chinese Banks Must Increase Fraud Precautions

China has ordered its banks to take further action to stop loan fraud and embezzlement.

John DeLorean Dies At Age 80

Automaker John DeLorean, maker of the infamous DeLorean automobile, has passed away this weekend at the age of 80. He died at New Jersey hospital while recovering from the effects of a recent stroke.

Qwest Sees Verizon’s Offer and Raises It $1.7 billion

Qwest Communications has increased its offer for MCI to $8.5 billion in an attempt to outbid Verizon.

OPEC Increases Production

OPEC has agreed to boost production in an effort to restrain higher prices that threaten the world’s economy.

AstraZeneca Shares Jump After FDA Approval

AstraZeneca led the FTSE 100 index after it’s anti-cholesterol drug Crestor recieved FDA approval.

AXA Asia Pacific to Expand to India

AXA Asia Pacific is expanding to India possibly looking for a joint venture with a bank as the company’s profits have fallen.