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Dupre Was Just 17 In Girls Gone Wild Videos
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Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis can probably recruit Kip Winger to croon his off-to-jail-again theme song. Kip’s likely available these days. After just finishing a jail sentence for distributing content featuring under age girls, Francis’ widely-publicized revelation that Eliot Spitzer’s call girl, Ashley Dupre, was caught on seven tapes in Miami might cause him some more statutory troubles.

Ashley Dupre Loses Her Buzz
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Ashley Dupre, the call girl made famous overnight, officially beat search champ Britney Spears, according to Google Trends. That can only mean one thing, Britney’s about to do something outrageous!

Just kidding. Now that Dad’s hanging around, we may have less exciting Britney-moments. Maybe now we can focus on real news, like expensive hookers.

Spitzer-Girl’s MySpace Page Mysteriously Changes
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Before I could publish the update below, Eliot Spitzer’s call girl’s MySpace page had changed at least five times in two hours. It’s currently owned by "?". At least that’s what it says at this address, assumed earlier to be Ashley Dupre’s profile.