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Who Is The Real Ashley Dupre?

I admit it. All this Ashley Dupre (or whichever alias you prefer) coverage is a bit on the seedier side of news. But she is now officially a part of American history that will never go away, so she, for the historical record, must be documented so that in a hundred years, history students look back and go "holy crap!"

Or whichever teenage expletive keeps them out of Mom-trouble in 2108. That it’s kind of trashy is just a bonus.

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“Kristen’s” MySpace Page Disappears

UPDATE: Ashley’s (Kristen’s, Spitzer’s girl’s) MySpace page has disappeared once again, and is replaced by someone named Johnny. The article to follow was written earlier before this revelation.

I can’t be certain because I didn’t take a screen shot, but when I first pulled up Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s (aka Kristen, aka Spitzer’s girl) MySpace page, I’m fairly certain she had nine friends listed. I noted it because I thought it was ironic considering the number of the client.

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