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Walter Mondale’s Wife Dies At Age 83

Joan Mondale, the wife of Walter Mondale, who was elected as Jimmy Carter’s Vice President in 1976, passed away, on Monday, at the age of 83. The family announced Joan’s passing with a statement issued through their church. “We are grateful for the expressions of love and support we have received. Joan was greatly loved by many. We will miss …

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Theatergoing Hero Threw Woman’s Cellphone When She Refused to Shut Up, Stop Googling

Kevin Williamson is a theater critic and a writer for the National Review. This does not make him a hero. What does make him a hero is that he took action on an impulse that plenty of us have battled from time to time: physically separating the loud, obnoxious, moviegoer who won’t turn off their damn phone from said phone. …

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Google Talk Deals With ‘Theater In A Digital Age’

Rick Lombardo, Artistic Director for the San Jose Repertory Theatre, recently participated in an “At Google” talk, in which he discussed becoming an artist, and why theater arts “are going to continue to prosper” in the digital age. It’s an interesting topic if you’ve got 45 minutes to spare. The talk took place on April 2nd. More recent At Google …

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