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Artie Lange’s Mouth Gets Him Blacklisted Over Racist Sex Jokes

Artie Lange tweets a lot of pretty offensive stuff. But the Stern Show veteran knows his audience and usually doesn’t catch too much flak over what he says. “I wrote a script giving Hollywood what they want–PC! A movie with me as the black gay addict whore who’s HIV-positive but helps a retarded friend.” “Like other great artists, I traveled …

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William Shatner is a ‘Douche’, says Artie Lange

The thing about William Shatner is, you either love him or you don’t. As a legend and piece of Star Trek history, many people do love Shatner. But even some Trek fans are a bit put off by him and prefer Patrick Stewart. But those are generally people who are judging between two characters: Kirk and Picard. We’re talking about …

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Artie Lange Hospitalized After Diabetic Shock

Comedian Artie Lange was hospitalized after going into diabetic shock earlier today. The hilarious man known mostly for his work on The Howard Stern Show seems to be in decent spirits after the scary incident. The 46-year-old comedian who also performed with the cast of MADtv has been recovering in a hospital in Detroit. While the pictures he posted online …

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