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Incredibly Bad Articles Will Kill Your Credibility

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How To Effectively Use Offline Advertising To Build Your Online Business
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First of all let me say that having spent the past 20 years working closely with small businesses I know exactly what works when it comes to offline advertising.

Website Promotion In A Nutshell

The Internet is made up of 10,000,000 pages of text, with over 7.3 million pages being added every day. Without an aggressive promotion program, your site will disappear in the crowd. But don’t worry, there are many different things you can do to get the traffic you want that require varying levels of time and energy.

10 Benefits Of Submitting Your Articles To Ezines

1. You’ll brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to ezines. You could include your name, business name, your credentials, web site address and e-mail address in your resource box.

Visibility, Credibility and Position Through Articles and Celebrity Testimonials

A huge problem for many people who are working on market visibility and position is the amount of competition vying for the same market.

Planning For Your Website’s Future- Get Search Engine Traffic

Five tips to effectively schedule your content.

In order to get traffic on your site you need content. It’s that simple the more content you have the longer visitors stay at your site and the more free search engine visitors you receive. So should you just find out what content your visitors like and publish it? No!

Why Articles Are Not The Route To High Search Engine Rankings

If you have any interest in getting high search engine rankings for your website (and who doesn’t) you’ve probably been sold the idea that writing and publishing your own articles will do it for you.

Focus on Your Target Audience!

Search engine optimizers often forget who our true audience really is. We get so wrapped up in trying to please the search engines that we forget to focus on our target audience: our users.

3 High-Impact Article Promotion Techniques

Well-written, tightly-focused articles are in high demand by thousands of online publishers. Why? Because publishers view good content as a value-added asset, enhancing their own brand awareness and deepening relationships with clients and customers.

Guest Articles: Good for Some, Bad for Others

A recent debate started me thinking about how some marketing strategies can be right for one Web site, but wrong for another depending on the site’s purpose and the underlying reasoning behind the action.

The Five Most Powerful Forms of Internet Advertising

Webmasters and Entrepreneurs around the world are beginning to learn first-hand the long-term value of using Promotional Ezine Articles to promote their businesses in the online environment.

Writing Articles that Get Read

Writing articles is one of the best and most effective ways of promoting your business because it does three things:

How To Write Effective And Unique Articles That Are Optimized for the Search Engines

It is a well known fact that writing, distributing and posting articles to various location on the web is an extremely effective way to generate targeted traffic and establish yourself as an experienced marketer in your field. Unique articles that help solve the reader’s problems, assists the reader in advancing their marketing acumen, or otherwise generally inform tend to stay posted on many web sites throughout the Internet and usually generate targeted traffic for the writer.

Marketing Your eZine

The internet marketing “Guru’s” have been saying for years that the “money is in the list”. In other words, having thousand’s of subscribers to your ezine or newsletter increases your chances of potential sales. It is pretty hard to dispute that quote but how do you go about getting those thousand’s of subscribers to sign up for your ezine?

Stepping To Success

This article was originally written for freelance copywriters, but the steps apply to anyone who runs their own business.

How To Get Slightly Famous in Print

Early in my career, I wrote an article for a small business magazine about self-publishing as a marketing tool for businesses. Because I specialize in helping businesses get into print, the article only took a few hours to write. A few months later it was published. Almost immediately, my phone began to ring and my email box filled up with inquires.

Using Quality Content to Help Promote your Site

How can content help promote your site?

One of the best ways to attract visitors to your site is by providing related sites with quality editorial relating to your subject area. Not only will this give you a chance to promote your service or business, but it can also indirectly aid your search engine promotion efforts via link popularity.

Are You Writing Articles? Watch out!

I had read all of the articles and special reports. Content was the way to go. Articles are not only popular, but they stay around for years. Constantly drawing a stream of qualified visitors to your site.

Reading Between the Lines : Articles can Aid Your Career

Sometimes the answer is right under your nose.

Articles published in newspapers, magazines, journals, and websites can be an invaluable source for opportunity. Think of them as a roadmap to helping you get the job you want or potential new clients.

How to Gain Credibility and Sales By Writing Online Articles
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Writing is one of the most powerful secrets you will find for bringing in new business and gaining credibility among your peers and potential clients.

How to Find Ideas for Articles & Speeches

Do you have problems finding ideas for articles and speeches?