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Blogs, PPC and MySpace for Online Marketing

Kauffman eVenturing is featuring several new articles focused on helping entrepreneurs evaluate different aspects of online marketing, from search engine optimization and key word advertising to blogging, online publishing and using eBay as a distribution channel.

Internet Marketing – Blogs or Articles?

Though articles have held the traditional place among internet marketers for building credibility, site content, and creating a place in which to insert search engine optimization keywords, blogs are quickly catching up in usage. But are they all they’re cracked up to be? Which technique is better for your internet marketing: blogs or articles?

Google And The Need For Speed

If the scientists who claim news content has a half-life of 36 hours online before it falls off the radar of Internet users are correct, Google’s successor online might match up freshness and relevance.

Wikipedia Unmasks Plagiarism But Gets no Credit

The brief article by editor Frank Bridgewater in the January 13 edition of the Honolulu Star Bulletin informs readers that entertainment reporter Tim Ryan has been dismissed for “phrases or sentences that appeared elsewhere before being included, un-attributed, in stories that ran in the Star-Bulletin.”

Easier to Correct: Wikipedia or News Articles?

Cory Doctorow, in Boing Boing, points out that when it comes to correcting the record it’s easier to correct Wikipedia than it is to correct the Register.

Newsvine Launches

I have been invited to try the public beta of Newsvine, a news aggregation/citizen journalism hybrid.

PubCon Notes – Las Vegas

Sorry about the lack of posting … I’ve been at PubCon all week … a search engine conference hosted by WebmasterWorld.

Trade Articles To Gain Traffic
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Adding new visitor traffic to your website is always a challenge. Finding fresh and innovative promotional techniques is often as difficult as creating fresh content.

Article Submission: How To Benefit Your Blog

Article submissions are a powerful technique for adding additional readers to your blog. Articles also provide powerful inbound links to your blog or website, adding strength in the search engines.

IBM Tosses Some Claims In SCO Case

IBM has agreed to drop its patent infringement countersuit against SCO, an action that should help move the case along toward a resolution.

Google Drives Jobs To Michigan

A Google job post seeks entry level techies in Ann Arbor, Michigan to help build a new Googleplex.

VeriSign Pays $2.3 Million For Weblogs.com

The Weblogs.com site shows a list of currently updated blogs, and allows blog owners to ping others to alert them of new updates.

AMD Sends Subpoenas For Intel Info

The antitrust lawsuit filed by AMD against Intel now sees legal requests for more information zipping around the tech world.

More Xbox 360 Games Announced

Activision, Take-Two, Bizarre, and Microsoft’s Rare will have games joining a quintet from EA on the shelves when the 360 arrives.

4 of the Top 5 Search Engine Benefits to Article Marketing

You’ve probably heard by now that article marketing can help you build links back to your site.

Write Articles Geared to Your Local Market to Bolster Your Local Search Visibility

Combine two dynamite online methods for bringing your business to the attention of buyers – Local Search and widely posted articles you write. Doing both gives you a jump on your local competition, plus additional credibility and exposure to your market.

Why Keyword Articles Are Good For Your Business

Content is an important component of your web site.

Writing Articles – Two Aspects Of The Surge

Writing articles for publication on the Internet is, at the time I write this, every Internet marketer’s favourite way to get free publicity for his website.

Build Better Link Popularity with Syndicated Articles

There are many schools of thought on how to build strong backlinks to a Web site. Some webmasters build reciprocal links, while others register their site in many directories. Still others do both of those, and rent links as well!

6 Ways to Leverage Technical Articles

Technology vendors often contribute bylined articles to trade journals. The articles are great exposure for these companies but they don’t come cheap – the trades rarely pay for these articles but the vendors spend time and resources to assign pieces, write them, approve them and submit them.

10 POWERFUL Reasons WHY ‘Articles’ Remain The Internets #1 Marketing Strategy

We’ve all heard it… “Content IS King” and for good reason because it IS as far as the Internet is concerned.