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Bill Cosby ‘Rapeseed’ Portrait Causes Outrage, Artwork Pulled From State Fair

A rapeseed portrait of Bill Cosby sparked outrage from attendees at the State Fair held at the Agriculture Horticulture Building in Minnesota, causing it to be taken down after a day of display. Artist Nick Rindo, Minneapolis based software designer, made the crop portrait of Bill Cosby from a type of canola seeds called rapeseed. He accompanied the Cosby portrait …

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‘Fuller House’ Welcomes Another ‘Full House’ Alum: D.J. Tanner’s Boyfriend Steve–Played by Scott Weinger–Joins Cast

Fuller House is officially in production, and the soon-to-be Netflix series has welcomed yet another Full House alum on board. Fans will surely remember D.J. Tanner’s soulmate, Steve. Scott Weinger has officially signed on to Fuller House to reprise the role. So what has Scott Weinger done since Full House ended? He became a successful TV writer. Weinger has written …

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Cartoon Characters Die Strange Deaths in Berlin Art Exhibit

I call this one “Hangy the Pooh”. These pictures are taken from a Berlin art show titled “Broken Heroes”, by Patricia Waller. These crocheted wonders are sure to give you nightmares at any age. “This show is about heroes and failure,” the 49-year-old said to Spiegel. “Heroes serve a role model function that reflects our longing for something special, but …

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