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Arsenio Hall Show Canceled After First Season

Aresenio Hall fans will be upset to learn that the Arsenio Hall Show has been canceled after only one season. CBS Television Distribution claims that the show does not have a large enough fan base to allow it to continue. They released a statement about the show’s cancellation saying, “Unfortunately, The Arsenio Hall Show will not return for a second …

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Eddie Murphy Appears on “Arsenio”

It’s been 25 years since audiences roared with laughter while watching Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in the hit comedy, Coming to America. The duo, who also appeared together in Harlem Nights, chatted about their experiences on Arsenio’s new talk show last night. Hall even asked Murphy why they never did a sequel to Coming to America. Murphy responded in …

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“Arsenio Hall Show” Is Back, To Very Mixed Reviews

Arsenio Hall is back after nearly two decades of being off the air, and viewers are very divided in how they feel about his premiere episode. While Hall looks and acts like he’s barely aged since his popular show went off the air, some felt that the jokes he made during last night’s broadcast were stale and forced. “He joked …

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Arsenio Hall Jumps Back to the Late-Night Circuit

Comedian Arsenio Hall is preparing to re-enter our homes once again on the talk show circuit. Last on talk television in 1994 when AP notes there were less channels and Johnny Carson was the dominant host of “The Tonight Show,” Hall says the challenges are much bigger than they were in the old days. “It’s a huge challenge this time …

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