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‘Lone Ranger’ Actors Claim Critics Killed The Movie
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Reviews or the Disney film adaptation of “The Lone Ranger” were pouring in before the movie even premiered on July 3rd, and they were almost unanimously against the summer blockbuster. Now that the film has tanked in the U.S. box …

Lone Ranger: Critics Holding Nothing Back
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“The Lone Ranger”, which opens today, has already gotten some pretty negative reviews from critics, who say it’s not so much that the film is bad; it’s that it doesn’t really understand what sort of beast it is. From the …

“Fortunately,” Nobody Confuses Armie Hammer with a Real Winklevoss

Armie Hammer, aka the guy who played (both) Winklevoss twins in 2010′s The Social Network, stopped by Conan to talk about his upcoming role as The Lone Ranger, being tall, and more. Eventually, the conversation shifted to his role in …