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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Controversial SB 1062

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer declared on Wednesday that she had rejected the bill that would have denied gays service from businesses based on religious beliefs. In her announcement during a news conference, she said that non-discrimination is a core value in America and Arizona, the same way religious liberty is. Brewer stated that the bill does not address a present …

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Jan Brewer: Arizona Gov. To Make Decision On Anti-Gay Bill

To veto or not to veto? That is the question for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who is facing a big decision on a controversial issue. The Arizona Legislature has recently passed a bill that would allow business owners to turn away service to lesbian and gay customers, as long as they hold deep religious beliefs to do so. If passed, …

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Steven Seagal For Governor Of Arizona?

Action movie star Steven Seagal has hinted that he may run for Arizona governor. Seagal is an action film star, writer, producer, guitarist, artists and reserve deputy sheriff. His first film was “Above the Law (1988)”. He became famous in 1992 when “Under Siege” was released where he acted as Navy SEAL counter-terrorist expert. To date, he has been featured …

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