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Ariana Grande Performs At Women Of Soul Event

Ariana Grande’s decision to get rid of her crazy hair color and go for a more natural look has proven to be beneficial to her. Not only does she seem more mature and confident, but it seems like she gets booked for more grown up gigs as well. She recently performed at the Women of Soul concert that was held …

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Ariana Grande Supports PETA And Defends Ponytail

Ariana Grande is just one of several celebrities who live a vegan lifestyle and support PETA and their stance on animal abuse. Ariana recently showed her support for the group by wearing a tank top with the phrase “Never Be Silent.” Ariana went Vegan is November and eats no animal products. Vegans do not eat eggs, oils that are made …

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Ariana Grande Shares The Truth About Her Hair Extensions

Ariana Grande is fed up with the flak she’s been getting for the hair extensions used for her signature hairdo – so she’s setting the record straight. The 20-year-old singer took to her social media accounts to offer an explanation for her long hair extensions. She initially posted the lengthy paragraph on Facebook. However, she must have felt the need …

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