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Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Announce They Are Divorcing After Ten Years Together

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting a divorce. Rumors of a split have swirled for months, and the couple finally made an official announcement as to the status of their marriage earlier on Tuesday. “After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce,” the two said in a joint statement to E! News. “We …

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Ben Affleck: Is Gambling Getting out of Hand?

It may be getting a bit worrisome that Ben Affleck is spending so much time gambling these past few months. And it looks like his wife, Jennifer Garner, is not relishing his time away from family to indulge in his favorite pastime. According to Star magazine, the Batman v. Superman actor’s latest gambling obsession has started to upset Garner, leading …

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Lex Luthor to be Played by Bryan Cranston

Rumors have recently been spilled suggesting that Bryan Cranston will star in the ‘Man of Steel’ movie sequel, coming out soon. He will play Lex Luthor, Superman’s supervillain. There has been a lot of discussion saying that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the new movie and Henry Cavill will return to play Superman. The movie is a sequel to …

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Argo Home Alone Is the Best Movie Mashup You’ll See This Week

The only thing better than Ben Affleck’s (no-longer-existent) beard is this incredible mashup of Academy Award winner Argo and perennial classic Home Alone. Trust us. [dogfoodfilms]

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NPR Launches Local Online News Sites

National Public Radio, in collaboration with 12 NPR member stations, has launched a dozen topic focused news sites today, debuting its Argo Network, an online journalism venture created to produce in-depth local coverage.

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Microsoft Argo Speculation Flies

Everybody’s talking about a portable device Microsoft is developing, code-named “Argo”. Lets take a look:

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Microsoft’s iPod Killer Gets Expanded Duties

Microsoft’s rumored iPod killer may be much, much, more than that. In addition to its own features, the product, codenamed Argo, could be part of a larger line of "Xbox-branded digital-media products" in the works.

And it’s possible it won’t make it out by Christmas, as earlier reports indicated.

Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times broke this news thanks to "some research, reporting and information from a source close to the project."

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