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SES NYC Interviews

Chris Pirillo and Jake hit up Search Engine Strategies New York and did a number of interviews which you can hear at his SES 2006 Archive page.

Electronic Discovery Market On The Rise

In the United States, companies worth over $1 billion are handling about 147 lawsuits. That’s more good news for lawyers, but it’s also good news for the data storage and electronic discovery industry that manages and scrounges up data among petabytes of information.

BBC Opens News Archive Online

For a brief time, the BBC will throw open the film vaults online and let UK-based users create mashups of the content.

Google Earth for Mac OS

Some thought it was out, however, it appears it was too good to be true!

Grateful Dead’s Strange Download Trip Ends

The widow of Jerry Garcia and the surviving band members had asked Archive.org to take downloadable recordings of the band offline, but the resulting fan outrage has forced a change of heart.

Google Opens Up Tinsel Town

Are you a TV geek? The president of Sony Pictures Television is and has announced via the Official Google Blog an arrangement with Google Video to open up the Archive of American Television.

What If Marketers Published APIs?

In the technology and Internet industries, a lot of companies publish what’s called an application protocol interface, or an API for short.

BBC Makes Archive Public On Internet

Nearly a hundred snippets of BBC television programming have been made available for “free public use in their own creative works.”

WayBackMachine Sued Over…?

Apparently, once you put a web site out in a public domain area, there’s still some contention over who “owns” the right to display the content, even after the site in question has been removed.

WebmasterWorld Conference Wrap-up

As a veteran of last year’s San Jose SES, I certainly understand the benefit of conferences when it comes to everything related to search engines including; marketing, optimization, link strategies, and so on. The amount of insider knowledge you are privy to can be incredibly valuable.

Yahoo Uses Special Logos Too

Changing the company logo to celebrate a particular holiday or otherwise notable event is a mainstay of search engines Ask.com and Google. Every major holiday (and sometimes, events you may not have heard of), these two engines alter their logo to a design that acknowledges the special occasion.

GoLexa.com Provides A Number of SEO Tools

The recently launched GoLexa.com offers users a completely ugly website that turns out, in spite of its appearance, to be completely useful, especially to those needing search engine optimization information.

Yahoo Brings Video Search Out Of Beta
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Yesterday, Yahoo Search did something that may be considered quite foreign to other search engines: they brought one of their search features out of its Beta stage and officially launched it. I am referring to Yahoo Video Search and according to Yahoo; it offers “the most comprehensive video search product on the Web.”

Creating a Best of Blog Archive

Blog archives are a standard feature of every blogging platform. They can also be used to attract and maintain new and returning visitor traffic to your blog.

My New Geek Hero: Brewster Kahle
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Brewster Kahle is my new geek hero. He made a ton of money selling Alexa to Amazon. Now he is giving away free Internet space.

NY Times To Open Its Grand Old Archive

David Weinberger breaks the news of the news, where the NY Times will open its grand old archive in the form of definitive topic pages.

Should Bloggers be Helping Google Fix Their PageRank System?

By now, most bloggers have heard the announcement that the Big 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo, and MSN – have united in support of a new tag that will supposedly combat comment spam.

New Library Archive to Challenge Google Print

According to IWR, ten major international libraries have agreed to combine their digitised book collections into a free text-based archive hosted online by the not-for-profit Internet Archive.

Google Prepared To Offer Audio And Video Search

It appears as if Google’s search engine is going to be offering a couple of other options for users to employ when they conduct queries. The new features will allow people to search for audio and video clips. However, the Google management team has given no confirmation of these features.

How To Handle Leads Safely

One of the many questions readers have submitted is:

Q: “I have one list that is comprised of people from a lead company. In view of the spam laws, can I market to these people or not?”

Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization Part 3: Off-Page Factors

Once you have selected your keyphrases and optimized your pages for them, the last step is to make sure that you get linked from the best directories, and from lots of quality sites with a topic related to your site’s. The best search engines, and in particular Google (who alone can deliver 80% of the search engine traffic to your site) “crawl” the web looking for links to your site. They interpret a link to your page as a vote, and the more links (votes) you have coming from quality sites the higher your page rank will be, and the higher the possibility that your page will achieve a good position in the search results pages. It’s that simple. Following these four steps is the best way to get the quality links you need: