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42U Server Management: 5 Easy Steps to Beef up your KVM Architecture

Discover how to clean up your server room or desk top by examining 5 easy steps to beef up your current KVM solution.

Information Architecture: What Does It Mean to You?

Information architecture is a field of web design that has been getting a lot of attention recently. And with good reason: it is key to making money on the Web. Nobody seems to really know what it is, but I say it’s creating blue prints for web sites. Doesn’t this happen automatically? No, it doesn’t, and this is the main reason why sites fail on customers.

IBM Busts Open The Cell

The high-profile heart of the forthcoming PlayStation 3 will have key details disclosed in Barcelona today.

Qualified Bloggers

The issue of blogging as journalism is being attacked on all sides this morning. First, a Pew/BuzzMetrics …

Talking about SOA’s and Indigo over on Channel 9

It’s unusual for me to post videos on Channel 9 on Sunday morning, but then, the folks I work with are passionate about these two topics…

Web Development Processes and Technical Environments

The process of Web application development is critical to the success of web-based projects.

Service Oriented Architecture: The Right Side Up

When technologies begin their ascent up the hype curve, typically there’s a lot of opinions, confusion and nonsense. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is no different in this regard. I’d like to try and demystify the whole SOA world and debunk some of the myths that are being propagated about how SOA can and cannot help in solving real computing challenges.

J2EE Connector Architecture

There’s a new adapter that adds a new standard as another option for Integrating Enterprise Java Applications.

Lean Supply Chain Management
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Lean supply chain management is for many companies. It is not just for manufacturers who practice lean management. It is also for non-manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and others.

Information Architecture: A Rose by Any Other Name

As more web practitioners have assumed the title of Information Architect to describe the work they do, and as more information architects (and user experience designers and user interface designers and information designers) are multitasking on reduced staffs, information architects have uncovered a wide range of ways to view both the practice and ourselves practicing. Unfortunately, a common response to this multiplicity has been to reiterate certain narrow definitions of information architecture, to impatiently seek consensus, and to view with suspicion those who don’t fit.

Optimize Your Entire Site For The Search Engines
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Reader question:
I read somewhere that every single page on a Web site should be optimized for the search engines. I do not have the time to optimize my entire database-driven site, but my site still relies on search engine traffic for business. If people do not have the time or the budget, what are the best optimization strategies to implement? What do you consider the minimum number of pages to optimize?

Software Development Project: Phases Overview

Most materials discussing the phases of a software development project are intended for the developers community. I decided to take a different look at the issue and help those novices who are going to outsource a software development project to an outsource service provider (OSP).

Web Site Architecture and Search Engines Part 1
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Reader question: I hear search engine marketers talk about site architecture all of the time and how important it is for search engine optimization. What exactly is site architecture and how should I be implementing it on my Web site?

Web Site Architecture and Search Engines Part 2
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Reader question: I hear search engine marketers talk about site architecture all of the time and how important it is for search engine optimization. What exactly is site architecture and how should I be implementing it on my Web site?

SEO’s Relationship With Website Architecture

Search engine optimization for today’s search engine robots requires that sites be well-designed and easy-to-navigate. To a great degree, organic search engine optimization is simply an extension of best practices in web page design. SEO’s relationship with web design is a natural one. By making sites simple and easily accessible, you are providing the easiest path for the search engine robots to index your site, at the same time that you are creating the optimum experience for your human visitors.

Take a Stand for Your Brand

Every successful brand has managed to communicate its company’s core beliefs and attitudes-what the company stands for-to its target customers.

Information Architecture: Webpage Mental Maps Emerge

When people come to your website they have a mental map of how their ‘ideal’ webpage should be. They expect to see certain things in certain places. They expect to read certain killer words in your classification and content. The more you meet their mental map, the more successful your website will be.

Web Service-Oriented Architecture – The Best Solution to Business Integration

How do you unlock the value of the information your organization manages? Business integration is the key technique in unlocking this information. Business integration is the single biggest issue for end-users, and therefore, for the IT industry. Recent Gartner research in this area has highlighted the importance of “service-oriented architectures” in solving the business integration issue. There is a growing realization that integration is best solved using a service-oriented architecture.

Web Services Architecture

We can understand without difficulty why Web Services are produced if we will look at the computer and software world. There are many systems and platforms out there on the Internet and there are even more applications that are living on these systems and platforms. If we need more explanation about this, there are many technologies to connect clients to servers- including DCOM, CORBA and others, with Web Services growing on a new and much simpler type of connectivity, based on open standards such as HTTP, XML and SOAP.

Web Services Road Map: Web Services Architecture

The major goals of the Web services architecture are interoperability, reliability, security, manageability, scalability and extensibility and integration with the Web.

Shari Thurow Answers SEO Questions
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Ask Shari anything about search engines and see your answer published in DevWebPro’s weekly SEO Corner column.

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