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Archie Comic Books Shocker: Archie Dies?

There are no secrets on the internet, and now a major Archie Comics spoiler has made its way to the web. In the #36 issue of Life With Archie, beloved redhead Archie Andrews will be killed. The controversial comic issue is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 16. CNN got the exclusive as to the details surrounding Archie’s upcoming …

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Lena Dunham Set To Write Story For Archie Comics

Lena Dunahm has proved that she is a great writer already, and now she plans to take her talents to a new type of media, a classic comic strip. She will write a four-part story for Archie Comics, a classic that the actress has always loved. The actress has appeared in a handful of films, including the indie film Tiny …

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Lena Dunham To Explore The World Of Archie Comics

Lena Dunham is a busy lady; between writing for and starring in “Girls” and working on several personal projects, she’s about to host “Saturday Night Live” and announced this week that she’ll also be writing a four-part story for Archie Comics. The collaboration came about after Dunham spoke about her love for the comic series during a Q&A last year …

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