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NBC Is Pulling a Netflix and Dropping All 13 Episodes of ‘Aquarius’ at Once

NBC has caught the binge-watching bug. The network had decided to take a page from Netflix’s book and just dump an entire season of a new show for viewers to stream at their pleasure. Following its May 28 premiere, the new David Duchovny – Charles Manson show Aquarius will land online. All of it. NBC says you’ll be able to …

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David Duchovny Defends Russian Beer Ad

Actor David Duchovny recently defended a controversial Russian beer commercial he stars in, telling TMZ that he does not support Russian policy of late, especially the invasion of Ukraine. In the Sibirskaia Korona ad, which runs over two minutes long, Duchovny muses about how his life might have turned out if he was born in Russia instead of the United …

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Jacques Cousteau: Grandson Hoping to Beat Record

Famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau spent 30 days under water and now his grandson Fabien Cousteau is hoping to beat that record. The 46-year-old will head out Sunday for a record 31 days under the sea. “It is symbolic for me personally, because my grandfather (and team) spent 30 days under water in the Red Sea 50 years ago,” Fabien Cousteau …

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