Reports: Facebook May Soon Buy Atlas From Microsoft

Reports: Facebook May Soon Buy Atlas From Microsoft

By Chris Crum December 6, 2012

Reports are coming out that Facebook and Microsoft are in talks for the former to buy the Atlas ad platform from Microsoft, which picked it up in its acquisition of aQuantive in 2007. Sources of these stories appear to all …

Google: All The Other Companies Are Doing It

A pretty large commotion was made over Google buying DoubleClick a few months back, especially from Microsoft, who filed against Google with the feds, flinging antitrust concerns. On Friday, Google responded with: Everybody else is doing it!

AOL Purchases Tacoda

AOL has acquired Tacoda, an online behavioral targeting network. Tacoda will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL.

FTC to Review Yahoo & Microsoft Acquisitions

 Remember that can of worms we told you about? It looks like the lid’s come off, and the slippery invertebrates are everywhere! AdAge.com has reported the FTC will review Microsoft’s acquisition of aQuantive and Yahoo’s buyout of Right Media.

SMX Day 1: Meet Satya Nadella Of Microsoft
Danny Sullivan introduced keynote speaker, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Search & Advertising Platform Group, as a 15 year old. To which the calm man only smiled. Who would have thought the man would look more at ease as more questions fired his way.

The Month of Acquisitions

There were numerous partnerships and acquisitions in the month of May, which included a lot of dollars changing hands. Let’s look at some of the major deals that went down this past month

Microsoft’s aQuantive Buy: Yipes!

Six billion dollars for aQuantive puts Microsoft into the mix with Google, Yahoo, and newly-minted online advertising power WPP to battle over third party ad serving.

Microsoft to Acquire aQuantive

Microsoft has finally found its online advertising partner, with news that it will acquire aQuantive. After missing out on DoubleClick to Google, watching Yahoo pick up Right Media and WPP buying 24/7 Real Media, Microsoft decided to go “all in” with a $6 billion cash deal, paying $66.50 a share!

Microsoft Drops Big Bag O’Money For aQuantive

Talk about throwing money around: Microsoft just plunked down $6 billion for digital marketing company aQuantive, Inc. The Beast of Redmond plans to wield this new weapon to develop an Internet-wide advertising platform.

More Companies Launch Contextual Ad Networks

Tacoda Systems and aQuantive, Inc. have decided to throw their respective hats into the lucrative contextual ad industry. The difference that these companies offer is that they are behaviorally targeting their ads. In other words, the companies are directly targeting users, not just web pages.