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Flickr Apologizes For Selling User Photos

A few weeks ago, Yahoo’s Flickr angered some photographers by selling their work for profit, which it would not share with them. The complaints started, and eventually it became a news story, which gained national attention courtesy of The Wall Street Journal. Now, the company is saying it’s sorry, and is changing its plans. Did you follow this story when …

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Kevin Bacon: Apology Issued For Spoiler Post

[Author’s Note: This post contains the same spoilers Bacon has apologized for] Along with the instant, worldwide capabilities of the web has come the dreaded accidental spoiler. In the past, fans of a TV series would have to actively search for spoilers, but now every Tweet or blog post brings with it the risk of having the latest twists ruined. …

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Apple CEO Apologizes To Chinese Consumers

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to China this week in a letter posted to the company’s Chinese site. The apology is for the company’s lack of communication with regards to its warranty policies for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The apology comes after customers in the country complained of not getting the same treatment as those in the U.S. who …

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