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ZoomIn Takes Aim at Google Maps Down Under

Exploring Australia or finding places just got alot easier… ZoomIn lets you add your own places to the community map, create groups of places, upload photos and leave comments.

Business Cards to Make You Ooh and Aah

This will surely catch on enormously, both for business and personal use – Flickr MiniCards.

AOL Banks On Video APIs

Nine months after AOL acquired his video search company, Truveo, Dr. Tim Tuttle debuted his next astonishing accomplishment in online video.

Yahoo Search API Getting More Accurate

Yahoo, MSN and Google all provide powerful web search APIs so that developers can build custom applications.

Did You Register Your AdWords API Token?

If not, you could be in for a surprise when Google starts disabling developer tokens on October 1st as the new changes for the AdWords API token take effect.

AdWords API Users May Be Bugged

A couple of bugs have been reported at the Google AdWords API blog, and web developers using the API should be on the lookout for these issues.

Google Base Releases GData API

Google released its Google Base data API, GData for short, that allows developers to write dynamic and interactive applications for Google Base. This opens up the possibility of Google Base mash-ups that combine content with other services.

Zazzle Turns To API For Dazzle

The Create-A-Product API will be available to site publishers as part of Zazzle’s effort to enable product creation and monetization through affiliate websites.

Yahoo! API News: del.icio.us and Answers

From the API news department…

Windows Live Writer from Microsoft

Another new entrant into the blog editing software market comes from Microsoft with their beta launch of Windows Live Writer.

Yahoo Extends Answers To The API

Web developers can get to the question and answer site, Yahoo Answers, through an application programming interface recently made available on the Yahoo Developer Network.

Maps24 Releases AJAX API and New Developer Zone

Mapsolute, the crew who brought you Maps24 (a very cool mapping service) have just today announced a new, open AJAX API. Some details…

Yahoo Unearths Site Explorer Updates

Webmaster fans of Yahoo’s Site Explorer will enjoy the service’s biggest update since December 2005, as Yahoo responds to feedback and requests.

Zillow Plans To Open API

Yahoo has been using the API as part of its partnership deal with the Zillow home value tracking website, and Zillow plans to open that up to other developers.

Oodle Opens Its Classified API

Classifieds search engine Oodle.com made its application programming interface generally available today, and introduced a new affiliate program for API users.

AdWords API Gets A Java Fix

Developers who work with Java and Google AdWords will be delighted to see the newest release from Google’s AdWords API team.

Google Maps API Geocoding Tutorial

I’m glad to say that we have another gmaps tutorial to share with you. When the Google Maps API was released in early 2005, one of the most notable omissions was the ability to geocode addresses.

What Should Be in a Yahoo Groups API?
· 3

Back a few months ago when I asked How to revamp Yahoo! Groups?, I got a ton of great comments.

Microsoft Word 2007 Beta 2 Blogging Functionality

Testing the blogging functionality in Word 2007 beta 2.

Yahoo! Maps API Goes Commercial

As posted on the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog:

Google’s AJAX Search API Says ‘Hello, World’

Google has released a downloadable beta version of its AJAX Search API, a javascript library that allows webmasters to embed inline Google searches (Web, local, video, and blog) in web pages, blogs, and other applications alongside existing content.