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$100 a Year for Google Site Search

I have been travelling so it took me a little while to write about Google Custom Search Business Edition. The name is a mouthful (sounds like the name of one of IBM’s products) but the price won’t give you indigestion—just $100 annually for up to 5,000 pages. So what should a Web site owner think about this offering?

Google AJAX Search API Including Image Results
Google AJAX Search API now has image search results reports the Goog

Blogger Gets AJAX API/CSE Search Box
Blogger In Draft has a new page element feature, a search box that uses both the Google AJAX Search API and Google’s Custom Search Engine to deliver a great search experience for your blog.

Scoble on the Adobe AIR Bus

Adobe invited me to come along on part of its On AIR Bus Tour. I’ll be making the trip today up to Seattle. We leave at 6 a.m. from Adobe’s buildings in San Francisco. There’s going to be a live video feed. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. AIR stands for “Adobe Integrated Runtime” and is Adobe’s competitor to Microsoft’s .NET and Sun Microsystems Java. Basically it lets you move Web apps onto the desktop and out of the browser. Offline and all that fun stuff.

Google Launches Gmail Blog

Google’s got blogs for everything – have you even heard of CPG, Checkout API, and Librarian Central?  Yet there’s a new blog to which almost all of our readers should be able to relate: the Official Gmail Blog.

Google Releases Safe Browsing API
Google has a new API, a Safe Browsing API, which uses all the data Google has gathered about dangerous webpages, like those with spyware, malware, and other general “badware”*.

AOL Launches Xdrive
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AOL has launched the Open Xdrive, a public API that allows developers to create rich media management to share with their Web site users.

AOL Launches Xdrive
“AOL Launches Xdrive”
AOL Launches Xdrive
Yahoo SiteExplorer Web vs. API

In response to my post about the Yahoo API giving the “wrong” results, I got an email from a Yahoo! rep, and we’ve been emailing back and forth a few times since. When I showed him the difference in the numbers given through the API and the Web interface for css3.info (I’ve updated my domain-info tool to both scrape the web interface and get the numbers through the API), saying “they can’t both be accurate” he explained the difference this way:

Things LinkedIn Can Learn From Digg

I came across an interesting article today on CNNMoney.com titled "LinkedIn Says It Will Own Business Networking".

eBay Adds Host Of New Services

eBay has announced a number of new services and platform enhancements to help developers extend eBay content. The announcement was made at the eBay Developers Conference in Boston today.

Yahoo Search Marketing Commercial API Program

Yahoo has announced the launch of its new Yahoo Search Marketing Commercial API Program, giving both individuals and agencies access to their APIs for the new Panama platform.

Truveo Shows Video Search Upgrades

MapQuest Launches ActionScript API

MapQuest has launched a new, Adobe ActionScript API that will allow developers to use a robust toolset with the benefits of ActionScript 3.0.

Google Adds Mobile Ad Preview

AdWords clients can see how their ads look on a mobile device, and even observe how they would appear to viewers on different carriers in other countries.

Version 5.0 of the Virtual Earth API Available

Over at the MSDN blogs Virtual Earth program manager Andy McGovern has come up with the following update: "we’ve been busy poking around the Virtual Earth forums and blogs, listening to corporate customers and mashuppers alike, and coming up with a list of the top features and fixes that would make the best mapping API even better—better for end users, but mainly better for you, the developer. We think you’ll like what we’ve come up with." The following are just some of the new features:

– import polylines and polygons using GeoRSS feeds.

Web 2.0 Information Security Booming

Information Security is booming, it is a large business, with software and technology that can be bought off the shelf and slapped onto a network. Policies, procedures, documented steps for everyone from service desk through to management responses to incidents are fairly well established. We have ISO standards from ISO 17799 and 24001; we have rules like HIPAA, SOX, and GLB.

Google Maps to Mash-up Companies

Man, talk about a kick in the groin. Over the past few months, Google has been happily providing a Google Maps API to any developer that asked, and encouraging them to create mash-ups (ie. add their own useful content) of the mapping search technology.

Yahoo Mail Develops An Open API
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Web developers will have the ability to leverage the 250 million users of Yahoo Mail as they create innovative and interesting applications based on the product; Yahoo Mail vice president John Kremer can’t wait to see what they do.

Yahoo’s Mail API & Unlimited Storage

I’ll have more to say about some of the larger issues around this in a few days, but now that the embargo has been lifted (damn you, Om Malik), I wanted to point at the pair of announcements from Yahoo! Mail today and yesterday.

Google Maps API Supports GeoRSS, KML

Google Maps now supports the GeoRSS file format, and the Google Maps API now allows you to add geographic data in the form of KML files to your mashups, the official Google Maps API blog reports. Frank Taylor of the unofficial Google Earth blog throws in some caveats:

Google Gadget Stats
Niall Kennedy did earlier this month an exhaustive analysis of Google Gadgets, coming out with a lot of graphs, facts and figures that would make your head spin. If you’re a geek for infoporn, you’ll love his post on it.

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