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Google Opening Feed Reader API

The next API Google opens to developers will be for its RSS feed reading service, Google Reader.

Yahoo Heard You About Audio Search

The search crew at Yahoo has managed to work an Audio tab onto Yahoo’s front page, to allow users to begin their music or podcast search as soon as they hit the site.

Even More Google Customizing

Google has taken the personalized homepage concept a step further down the development path and released an API for creating homepage modules.

Google API Vulnerable To Cross-Site Scripting

Security advisory firm Secunia reported a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Google API Search Engine Script version 1.x, and confirmed it does exist in 1.3.1.

How To Use the Yahoo Geocoding API in PHP

You know you’ve got some cool APIs when Rasmus takes the time to write some code against them and then show the world how easy it is: GeoCool! …

Yahoo! Local Events Browser Demo

One of the coolest things I’ve seen recently came out of a small group of hackers in the Search group at Yahoo.

Yahoos New Pretty Maps Are Doomed

Has Google disrupted the businesses of Yahoo and Microsoft? Yes! It got me out of bed to write this post.

Clone The Google API

Oh, Dave, I couldn’t say “clone the Google API” in public! But you did. So I’ll riff on it. I agree with it. I’ll even repeat it.

Paying Up For Google Maps Mash-up

The openness of Google Maps’ API has spawned a web phenomenon with slews of Google Map mash-ups. And they do make for a nifty bonus to any webmaster wishing to give visitors a better way to locate services. But, according to the New York Times, don’t expect Google to let you profit from their generosity without a cut of the action.

Yahoo Podcasts From Video Search

Yahoo has presented a rationale for people debating on purchasing a video iPod – a way to fill it with video content.

Affiliates: Make API Love The eBay Way

Sean Crotty from eBay discusses their Affiliate Program, discloses the one API call that affiliates demanded the most, and lets us in on a big secret: a product category just waiting for someone to turn it into some serious cash.

Google Releases Desktop 2
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Google has released a new version of its desktop search product, now called Google Desktop 2, and now back in beta. The big difference in this new version is a sidebar which goes on the side of your desktop and gives you access to your Gmail, news, weather, photos (not from Picasa, but folders and RSS feeds), stock quotes, RSS headlines (or Web Clips), a Scratch Pad (for quick note-taking) and a Quick View list for web pages and files you use often.

Yahoo Introduces Shopping API

If you’ve ever wanted to integrate comparative shopping information from Yahoo’s shopping network, you know have the ability to do so, thanks to Yahoo’s release of their Shopping API.

Oodle Of Classifieds On Google Maps

Users of the Oodle search engine will see results of their classified ad search alongside a Google Map of locations.

Another Firefox Upgrade Enroute

Version 1.0.5 will be replaced by 1.0.6 soon, as the latest release seems to break third-party extensions.

Google Maps Address Hack

Has it’s been documented quite frequently, since the launch of Google’s map service, there have been quite a few hacks and extensions built that further Google’s map search functionality.

Google Maps API Now Available

With popularity of Google Maps continuing to increase, due in large part to the inclusion of satellite mapping technology, many users out there have introduced a number of hacks and tricks that take advantage of the mapping technology.

WordPress Search, Powered by Yahoo!
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Last week Matt Mullenweg asked me a few questions about the Yahoo! Web Search API and Yahoo! Site Search. It turned out that he was looking for a better way to provide search for WordPress.org and thought we had just what he needed.

Yahoo! Introduces Media RSS 1.0

Media RSS, which Yahoo! first introduced late last year, is now a full-release syndication standard for media content.

Yahoo Buys Flickr

The first time I used Flickr, I knew it was something different and something important.

TiVo + Flickr = Cool

Okay, I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have sold my TiVo last year. If nothing else , this …