API Articles

Google Builds AdSense API

An application programming interface for AdSense will permit site publishers to offer users the opportunity to perform a variety of AdSense functions without leaving the publisher’s website.

BBC Opens an API

The BBC has launched an experimental API for software developers. An API is basically a data stream.

Intro to Google Maps & The Google Maps API V2

We’ve recently released the second of three articles that serve to introcude you to the google maps API (in detail).

JavaOne Top Ten Sessions For Enterprise

The JavaOne Conference organizers have posted their recommended destinations for developers who code away on an enterprise level.

Swim Laps With eBay Affiliates
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The online e-tailer thinks people offer a great opportunity to bring more users to eBay, and has put up the cash to reward those who bring traffic, and buyers & sellers, to the site.

eBay Affiliates In The Swim Of Things

The online e-tailer thinks people offer a great opportunity to bring more users to eBay, and has put up the cash to reward those who bring traffic, and buyers & sellers, to the site.

The Week In Google Products

Google Calendar opened an API for developers; Scholar received a new feature; and the AdWords team reminded everyone, again, there will be some downtime this weekend.

Yahoo! Adds AJAX/Flash Map APIs

Yahoo! has been promoting two new Yahoo! Maps APIs for AJAX and Flash that webmasters can work with to publish customized maps on their websites. The Yahoo! Maps team says each API has features that may cause one to “geek out.”

Google To Charge For AdWords API

The current free quota system used in capping developer usage will be replaced by a usage-based fee system that will charge developers 25 cents per 1,000 quota units used.

Intro to Google Maps & The Google Maps API

Those of you looking for a fast, simple introduction to working with the Google maps API will welcome this online tutorial.

Google Maps API Version 2 Officially Released

Today via the Google Maps weblog (Bret Taylor, Product Manager) word of Veresion 2 of the API was announced. From the Blog…

Google Maps API 2 Releases

Google yesterday released version two of the API for Google Maps, which lets site owners include Google Maps in their sites and mash them up to do cool things.

Commercial Implementation of Google Maps API

No doubt we’ll hear more on this one next week… drag and drop, click pin to open html file, embed mashup within web pages…

New ecto for Windows looks good
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The first post with the second beta of the forthcoming ecto for Windows version 2 offline blog editor.

Mapquest Open API Developer Challenge Extended

Good news from Mapquest about their latest challenge to developers… the MapQuest OpenAPI Developers Challenge eligibility has been extended to Canada (excluding Quebec).

Dons $100 API challenge

Back when I was an MVP product groups would bring us into a room and hand us some cash and say “spend this on the features you want” and have us look at a board with hundreds of features where we’d pin the cash on the features that we thought were most important.

Yahoo! More Web Services!

Yahoo turned four APIs loose on its Developer Network; third-party coders can craft applications using technology from Yahoo’s Photos, Calendar, MyWeb and Shopping products.

AdWords API Versioning Back To The Labs

After making version 3 of the AdWords API available, with new support for content bidding, Google had to revert to the previous version a day later.

NYTimes: RSS Is Like An Email Newsletter

A timely article in the travel section of today’s Times, entitled “There’s a Popular New Code for Deals: RSS,” (grab it before it rolls behind the registration wall) shows how travel company marketers are using RSS to supplement their existing email newsletter campaigns with RSS feeds.

Amazon API Helps Open Rebate Site

RefundPlease.com keeps track of price changes for items purchased by users; a price drop within 30 days of purchase entitles the buyer to apply for a rebate.

Google Getting Ready to Share Feed Reader API

Niall Kennedy breaks the news that Google is getting ready to offer a feed reader API to allow third-party developers to build new views of feed data on top of Google’s backend.