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AP Wants More Money From Those Using Their Resources

The Associated Press is angry at bloggers and the rest of the Internet for that ap-logomatter. It appears as if the AP is so enamored with their ability to come up with completely original material 24/7 that keeps the Internet news machine going that they think we should all pay for the privilege to read it and spread the word.

The Information Mafia Cometh
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In light of the hysteria generated by the Associated Press’s plan to go after online news aggregators, Google is quick to point out any action the AP takes won’t apply to them. Why? Because Google already struck a deal with the AP.

AP Launches News Content Protection Initiative

Protecting News Content?The Associated Press has announced its plan to launch an initiative to protect news content from "misappropriation" online.

"We can no longer stand by and watch others walk off with our work under misguided legal theories," says AP Chairman Dean Singleton.

Bloggers: How Much Excerpting Is Fair Use?
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Fair use is back in the news courtesy of a New York Times article on publishers being unhappy with the use of excerpts of their content. The main focal point of the article is Henry Blodget of Silicon Alley Insider, who recently quoted a WSJ columnist.

Stanford Takes Up Case Against AP
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Well, if Google (or any number of other cost-conscious corporations) isn’t going to do something about overreaching copyright enforcement, it may be up to nonprofits and legal scholars at our best law schools. First up, a pair of acronyms, next Congress for encouraging them.

YouTube, AP, Hurting Fair Use
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“This is what it’s come to,” writes the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Fred von Lohmann. “Teenagers singing ‘Winter Wonderland’ being censored on YouTube.

Moreover Folds, Settles With AP

Signaling that maybe nobody is willing to let this linking-and-snippet business go to court, Moreover and parent company VeriSign have settled a lawsuit filed by the Associated Press for undisclosed terms.

By the tone of the press release, though, those terms must be favorable to the plaintiff. "AP is pleased to have resolved the litigation in an amicable manner and appreciates VeriSign and Moreover’s efforts to resolve AP’s concerns," said AP Vice President and General Counsel Srinandan Kasi.

Newspapers No Longer The AP’s Bread And Butter

AP chairman Dean Singleton only used the words "Internet" and "websites" once each in a recent address, and "online" didn’t come up at all.  Still, Singleton’s remarks made clear that traditional newspapers are losing ground to new media.

AP CEO Declares War On Internet

Tom Curley said the news organization will come after anyone using its content without paying for that privilege.

Deals Bring Publishers To Google News
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A four publisher deal brings content from major news organizations to Google News and its hosting services.

Hey Google, Where’s The AP Product?

A license to link to Associated Press content last August still hasn’t yielded any further developments from Google. Some say this could indicate Google was shaken down for a payoff.

AP Considers Selling News Ala Carte

From a story about AP by AP:

Google/AP Deal To Spawn New Product

For many publishers and news providers, being included in the Google News index is a good thing. It’s a traffic driver. For the Associated Press, it’s another matter because AP content is syndicated in publications worldwide. Google has agreed to a licensing agreement with the not-for-profit organization to avoid further legal entanglements.

Technorati, AP In Blog Deal

The Associated Press followed up an announced deal with Topix.net by disclosing another one, this time with blog search engine Technorati to connect bloggers and local newspapers.

Topix.net Inks AP Deal

Topix sales and marketing VP Chris Tolles disclosed the agreement with the Associated Press to help connect users to topical stories.

AP Launches MSN-Powered IE-Only Video Network

Gary Price reports that the Associated Press has launched a video network, the shockingly named “AP Online Video Network”.