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Google: We’ll Take The AOL Journals Users

AOL has recently decided to go for a more open and social approach, not unlike Yahoo. They’ve opened up their homepage to third party content, and are allowing users to update social network profiles right from there as well. 

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AOL Launches New Homepage

AOL has introduced a new homepage that allows users to access social networks directly from the site.

Users are now able to post status updates to a number of social networks at once along with keeping track of profile activity, friend requests, status updates and mail alerts from Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

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AOL Cleans House

What once was considered an Internet powerhouse, seems to be dwindling away. AOL is getting rid of (or has already) more than 50 of its projects according to Silicon Alley Insider. We knew about AOL Journals and AOL Hometown, but this list is huge.

The dead projects fall into a number of categories including video, audio, messaging, social, toolbars, desktop, safety, mobile, and email. Check SIA’s article for the complete list.

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Yahoo AOL Merger Rumors Resurface

Those old Yahoo-AOL rumors are persistent, if anything. Surfacing again are details related to a deal that could thwart a Microsoft takeover forever. But at the same time, it would seem damaging to an already heavily-scrutinized search ad deal with Google.

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Yahoo! May Be Dumping A Lot More People

If there is any merit to an anonymous tip received by Silicon Alley Insider, about 3,500 Yahoo! employees may be losing their jobs when the company begins it’s next set of layoffs.

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Bloomberg To Provide Video To AOL Money & Finance

Bloomberg Television has reached a deal with AOL to provide video on AOL’s Money & Finance portal.

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Board Meeting Kickstarts Yahoo-AOL Rumors

Microhoo negotiations have come and gone.  We’re midway through a tussle over the potential Yahoogle search ad deal.  And now, as a report indicates that the Yahoo board has authorized talks, the latest odd name attached to a possible combination of Internet companies looks to be Yahaol.

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AOL Developing BidPlace Ad Exchange

This development hinges on some big assumptions: AOL needs to avoid being acquired, the economy must stay un-collapsed, and WWIII shouldn’t break out.  Still, if this all holds true until some unknown point in the first half of 2009, Platform-A will launch a new ad exchange.

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AOL Opening Up To Third-Party Content

AOL has introduced a new feature on its homepage that allows users to access multiple email services from third parties.

The company says it is revamping to offer users more choice and customization in an effort to attract more traffic.

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AOL Ships AIM Express To Web

AOL took the lid off of AIM Express 7.0 this morning, a Flash-based web version of AIM allowing users to chat without having to install software. So say goodbye to all previously annoying presumptions on the part of AIM software.

The new version, says AOL SVP David Liu, makes it so users can log in anywhere. "AIM Express 7.0 makes it even easier for AIM users, especially those on-the-go, to connect with friends whether at home, at a coffee shop, the library, or wherever they have web access."

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AOL Connects With Socialthing

This week, there have been fresh rumors about cutbacks and layoffs at AOL.  They may or may not be true, but at least one thing hasn’t been removed from the corporate menu: an acquisition of Socialthing.

Socialthing is a bring-the-pieces-together site that’s often compared to FriendFeed.  It’s quite young, having been founded in 2007, and remains in private beta at the moment.

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AOL Looks to Redeem Some Ad Revenue

It was recently announced that Time Warner would be selling off AOL split into different sections, with the dial-up business going to one buyer, and the advertising and content part going to another.

In fact, Time Warner reported that AOL’s display ad revenue had dropped a whopping 14% in the quarter.

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Google Not Thrilled With AOL As Investment

The billion-dollar stake Google took in AOL to keep the company out of Microsoft’s hands nearly three years ago doesn’t look like it will approach that value now.

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AOL’s Platform-A Announces New Mobile Ad Tool

Whatever critics may say about AOL as a whole, Platform-A appears to be on top of its game.  The advertising unit has taken another step into the mobile market with the launch of a third-party advertising solution.

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Time Warner Preparing To Split, Sell AOL

Time Warner may or may not want to get rid of AOL, according to a new report.  It’s taken some preparatory steps towards a sale, however, and figured out how the unit could be split up and unloaded as two different pieces.

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Yellow Pages Dying Off In Ten Years?

Yellow Pages Dinosaur

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Microsoft, Yahoo Antsy Over AOL

Time Warner’s negotiations to merge or sell its AOL Internet division to Microsoft or Yahoo have become more urgent ahead of Yahoo’s pivotal shareholder meeting on August 1.

The structure of any possible deal has not been disclosed, but if some type of merger does happen it is expected to change the balance of power for advertising online.

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AOL Spammer’s Success Leads To Jail Sentence

Breaking through AOL’s anti-spam efforts, combined with talking to the wrong person, netted spammer Adam Vitale two and a half years in jail.

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New AOL Site Offers Financial Advice

AOL has launched a new personal finance site called WalletPop, a spin-off of AOL Money & Finance.

The new site will be focused on helping people manage their personal finances, while AOL Money & Finance will continue to focus on business and investing news.

The site will offer users information on deals from sites across the Web, Q&A with financial experts, tips on saving money, blogs with financial advice and breaking news and video.

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Finance Web Sites See Strong Growth

Financial news Web sites attracted more that 64 million U.S. visitors in May, an increase of 35 percent over a year ago according to comScore.

Leading the category in May was Yahoo Finance with 18.5 million visitors, up 58 percent over the previous year, trailed by AOL Money & Finance with 15.2 million visitors (up 48%) and MSN Money attracting 13.7 million visitors (up 13%). Forbes brought in 7 million visitors, an increase of 28 percent and Dow Jones & Company closely followed with 6.6 million visitors also up 28 percent.

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Microsoft & Yahoo Trying To Get Time Warner On Their Side

You’ve heard said "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer," now Yahoo wants to test the boundaries of that maxim to the full.

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Google Gains Right To Sell AOL Stake

Google’s owned a five percent stake in AOL for the better part of three years.  Now, thanks to the passage of time and the terms of their partnership, the search giant’s getting the option of escaping.

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AOL Aims For Devs With AIM Money

AOL opened its revenue sharing platform for applications constructed with the Open AIM development kit.

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AOL Launches New Radio Offering

AOL has launched a new version of its AOL radio that features a redesigned online player, along with 150 CBS Radio stations.

The new player is powered by CBS Radio, and allows users to skip songs, add unlimited channel presets and share streams with AIM users.

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OpenSocial Gets AOL

In the apparent battle between Google’s OpenSocial and Facebook, Bebo more or less threw up its hands and joined both sides.  Now its new corporate parent, AOL, is backing OpenSocial.

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Google Kills Rivals In Search For April

Google increased its U.S. dominance in search in April, extending its lead over rivals Yahoo and Microsoft, according to comScore.

Google’s search properties grabbed a record-high 61.6 percent of the U.S. market in April, up from 59.8 percent in March.

Out of the top five search engines, Google was the only company, that saw an increase in the number of searches in April. Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Ask all had a decrease of 5 percent or more.

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Busted: Eight Ex-AOL Execs Charged With Ad Revenue Fraud

Former AOL Time Warner CFO John Michael Kelly and seven other people were charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with causing the overstatement of ad revenue by over a billion dollars.

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Yahoo, AOL, RealNetworks Must Pay Music Royalties

The last thing either Yahoo or AOL wants to do right now is give away money; the companies are having enough trouble without handouts.  Yet a federal court has ruled that Yahoo and AOL (along with RealNetworks) must pay millions in licensing fees to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

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AOL Web Sites See Steady Growth

AOL’s programming sites reached an all-time high in March, after growing for six consecutives months in both unique visitors and page views.

In March, page views on AOL’s programming sites (Money & Finance, News, Sports, Health and others) increased 28 percent and are up 35 percent year over year, with unique visitors growing 11 percent year over year to 56.5 million.

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AOL Making More Cuts

In case anyone was wondering whether the recession’s over – after all, the stock markets have had a good run lately – it’s not.  Not for AOL, anyway, which seems to be carrying on with a string of layoffs.

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New Site For AOL & Job Listings On TechMeme?

This afternoon it was a little surreal to see a job posting appear among the headlines at TechMeme. Just last week, BusinessWire seemed pretty jazzed about getting press releases to show up there. But really? A job posting?

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AOL’s Platform-A The Real Challenge For Google

The purported competition between Google and Microsoft for users of productivity applications means little compared to gaining ground in the display ad market against the leading advertising network.

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Sphere Rounded Up By AOL

Blog search site Sphere and its widely used widget found a new home as AOL moved to acquire the startup.

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AOL Beats Google In Reach And Time Spent In Russia

The average Russian Internet user went online 13 days in February, spent an average of 82 minutes per day online, and viewed 2,322 pages of content during the month according to comScore World Metrix.

Russian language search engine Yandex reached 62 percent of the Russian online audience, making it the leading Web property in February, followed by Mail.Ru sites (51% reach), Rambler Media (49 percent reach), AOL (42 percent reach) and Google Sites (41% reach).

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AOL Establishes Presence In Taiwan

Now seems like an odd time for this development; most companies are contracting, not expanding.  Still, AOL has just launched a new portal for Taiwan.

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AOL Reaches Ad Deal With Verizon

AOL has reached a deal with Verizon Communications to be the official provider of advertising for the company’s online and mobile Web properties.

Under the agreement Verizon will use AOL’s Platform A’s sales force and its ad-serving, targeting, and inventory management tools to power ads on its online inventory.

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Big Day For Search Engine News

Yesterday was a bit crazy. A lot of news hit, and most of it I can’t really say much about. Just a little rundown though:

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AOL Rolls Out Technology Network

AOL has launched the AOL Technology Network, which includes the blogs Engadget, Switched, TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog), and the DownloadSquad.

AOL says its Technology Network will give users a resource to compile information about technology news and products. For advertisers it will allow them to integrate ad campaigns across the network of sites.

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News Corp, AOL Play Role In Yahoo Drama

Additional Internet players join the Microsoft bid-for-Yahoo fray, with Rupert Murdoch siding with Steve Ballmer while Jeff Bewkes pairs with Jerry Yang for the endgame battle.

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ESPN To Offer Video On AOL

ESPN has partnered with AOL to make its short-form video content accessible through AOL Video and AOL Sports.

It’s the first time that ESPN has made its video content available through an Internet portal. ESPN will provide highlights from games and sporting events along with video clips via an embedded ESPN video player.

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AOL TV Poll Says Oprah Best Interviewer

A new poll by the AOL Television Web site found that viewers favorite daytime TV host was Ellen Degeneres who received 46 percent of the vote beating out Oprah Winfrey who pulled in 19 percent of the vote.

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AOL’s 850 Million Purchase

In the last couple of days one of the biggest stories has been the purchase of Social Network Giant, Bebo by AOL. With approximately 5% search market share and being one of the most visited sites on the planet, can Bebo really help make a difference to a search property which is been fairly average for the last few years? Here’s some coverage of the Bebo purchase around the Internet:

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AOL Shortcuts, Kroger Make Clipless Coupons

Paper is pass

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AOL Buys Bebo

In discussions concerning social networks, AOL’s name doesn’t come up too often.  That’s liable to change, though, as the corporation has acquired Bebo.

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AOL Roughed Up By Google Search Habits

People heading to Google for search rather than kicking off their queries at Google-powered AOL equals another quarter of middling financial performance coming up for the portal.

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AOL’s Penguin: “Behavioral Targeting No Problem”

Some people know about behavioral targeting, and some people don’t.  To educate this second group (and perhaps make the first feel less threatened), AOL intends to explain the practice with a cartoon penguin.

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CBS, AOL Strike Radio Deal

CBS Radio has partnered with AOL to share streams from all of its 140 stations with AOL’s online radio service.

CBS Radio will power AOL’s online radio stations and will also run advertising sales for the Time Warner properties 200 plus stations.

The two companies plan to create a number of product improvements including a new player along with full support for the Mac.

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No Stopping Google’s Domination

So Jason is predicting that “Google will have 90% search market share in the US one year from now“, and while people may cringe at that thought, I don’t think it’s a completely unlikely scenario.

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AOL’s Sitefest: Company To Launch 12 In Six Months

If they’re evenly spaced, a launch will occur every 15 or so days.  If they’re not, well, there’s no telling.  But regardless of the specifics, Bill Wilson, AOL’s executive vice president of programming, has promised that his company will launch 12 new sites in the next six months.

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AOL Launches In Mexico

It’s hard to believe AOL hadn’t already done this; the company’s (former) dominance in America makes it seem like a natural move.  Still, for whatever it’s worth, AOL has now launched in Mexico.

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Search Share Stays Steady In January

comScore’s first search share report of the year looks a lot like the last report of last year, except that only Yahoo is a loser.

In January, Yahoo lost 0.7 percent of the search market, dropping from 22.9% share to 22.2%.

Everybody’s favorite juggernaut? Google picked up part of what Yahoo dropped—a small part. Google’s share of the search market increased from 58.4% to 58.5%.

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AOL, Citysearch Hook Up Locally

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to get together, which AOL and IAC’s Citysearch will do with local content and advertising.

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AOL Experiences Interesting January Growth

Companies are always trying to pass off deceiving statements or misleading data, and we pride ourselves on being suspicious types.  January AOL numbers have been presented by Frank Gruber, however, and they look pretty good in terms of both believability and AOL’s performance.

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Mobilizing: Microsoft, AOL, Opera In Mobile News

The GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona spurred a few mobile-related items of interest, including Microsoft acquisition news that does not involve Yahoo.

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Rejecting Microsoft Not Mission Impossible For Yahoo

Some Wall Street analysts think the alternatives available to CEO Jerry Yang could give Yahoo the boost its shareholders crave, while keeping the company out of Microsoft’s clutches.

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AOL Emerges As Possible Yahoo Partner

The latest emerging rumor about Yahoo’s attempts to avoid Microsoft’s takeover cited a potential merger with AOL.

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Time Warner Hanging Up AOL Dial-Up

The dial-up access service provided by AOL received a farewell from Time Warner, as the company announced plans to spin it into a separate company.

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Time Warner To Divide AOL Internet Business

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said today that the company plans to divide AOL’s Internet access business and its ad-supported audience business, which includes AOL’s online services and content.

Jeffrey Bewkes

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AOL Acquires Affiliate Network

With a name like, you might figure that the company is some sort of Austrian online retailer.  You’d be wrong, though, because is based in the UK, deals in affiliate marketing, and, as it so happens, is newlyAOL Acquires Affiliate Network owned by AOL.

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Forget About Comcast, eBay Buying AOL

If you can’t buy Yahoo, AOL could be a consolation prize for those who won’t be able to challenge Microsoft’s Yahoo bid. It’s not the company everyone thinks will buy it.

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AOL Attaches Itself To Goowy

You have to feel a bit bad for AOL and Goowy – here they are with a solid arrangement in place, and Microsoft’s mammoth offer to Yahoo is all anyone can talk about.  Ah, well.  We’ll try to toss a few paragraphs their way, and begin by pointing out that AOL acquired Goowy.

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AOL And You Rank Super Bowl Ads

The only time of year when advertising receives as much hype as a sporting event means ad agencies kick it up a notch. So how do you think they did?

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Shocking Numbers for Super Bowl Ads on Video Sites

The year 2008 brings the Superbowl commercials of about 40 advertisers, running about 60 ads (Anheuser Busch has booked 10 slots and several others have more than one).

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AIM Opens Real-Time IM Feature

Through work with Galludet University and the University of Wisconsin’s Trace Center, AOL crafted a new deafness-friendly feature for AIM.

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AOL Wins Finance Site Competition

It almost seems like a mistake, or if we’re to be a little less generous, something out of the company’s pressroom.  That’s not the case, though; an independent and reliable party – comScore – has declared AOL’s beta finance site victorious over Yahoo’s.

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Compete: Google Edges Closer To 70 Percent

The December 2007 US search market share figures from analytics firm Compete peg Google’s portion of queries at 68.1 percent.

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Pluck Puts Itself Up For Sale

Things are looking up for Pluck.  Things are looking so good, in fact, that the social media company has reportedly decided to sell itself, and has set $75 million as a target price.

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Truveo Aims For A Billion Indexed Videos

The video search site has 100 million videos in its index, a number they would like to increase tenfold by next year.

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Goodbye Netscape

Nine years and well over $4 billion later, AOL is dumping Netscape. The company announced today it will no longer support the first web browser many of us ever used.

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AOL Finishes Quigo Acquisition

AOL’s continued lack of success, combined with its ongoing layoffs, has a lot of onlookers nervous.  The corporation can still push through an acquisition, though, and demonstrated its ability this week by finishing up the Quigo buy.AOL Finishes Quigo Acquisition

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Contextual Ad Exploitation

As an advertiser and a publisher I have ad CTR data spanning hundreds of millions of impressions and about a million ad clicks across a wide array of verticals.

Read More Had November’s Best Reach

AOL’s edged out Yahoo Advertising Network in reaching the most US home and work Internet users last month.

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MTVN To Offer Video On AOL

MTV Networks has reached a deal with AOL to provide video clips from a number of popular series from its large collection of cable and online properties, including Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, MTV’s The Hills and Nickelodeon’s iCarly.

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AOL Brightens Up Its Desktop

A new version of AOL Desktop bundles tabbed browsing, multiple email account management, and an “App Map” of all open application windows within the environment.

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PubCon – SEO and Big Search

It turns out that just because a programmer can write a search engine algo it doesn’t mean they can reverse-engineer that algo from a web page. Search engine’s own people need some training and help getting pages indexed and ranked well from time to time.

This panel will discuss how and when search engines SEO their own sites and what optimizers and site owners can learn from their experiences.


  • Joseph Morin


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More AOL Layoffs On The Way

This coming Tuesday and Wednesday will not be remotely jolly for some AOL employees; according to various reports, another round of layoffs is in the making.

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PubCon – AOL’s Melanie Mitchell

I met Melanie Mitchell at last year’s Pubcon and was amazed at what a job being a Vice President of SEO/SEM at a company like AOL must be.

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Gmail Now Talks To AIM

Google announced a partnership with AOL that allows users to log into their Instant Messenger account from GMail.

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AOL Cashes In Money & Finance Beta

AOL will go head to head with Yahoo Finance as well as competition from Google and Microsoft, with all of these big Internet players looking for valuable financial news readers.

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ComScore: Yahoo, Microsoft Search Drop In October

Time Warner’s sites including AOL saw a teensy drop in US search market share in October as well. Guess who gained?

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AOL Mobile Comes Out In UK

AOL’s state of health has come into question several times over the past few months, but as it turns out, the company’s apparently strong enough to take action overseas, and has established a mobile portal in the UK.

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AdSense Video in UK, Ireland, Canada

As soon as news reached that AOL released Video Ticker there also was an announcement that Google will be introducing AdSense Video Units to Canada, the UK & Ireland.


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Budget Crunches Nudge Shoppers Online

Although many shoppers will have less to spend during this holiday season, some of that money will find its way to online retailers.

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AOL Rolls Out Video Ticker Ads

AOL’s advertising division, Platform-A, developed the video ticker ads as an alternative to conventional pre-roll spots for online video.

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Could Google Finally Deliver On Old AOL Promises?

Two years ago next month, Google bought five percent of AOL for a billion dollars. Yeah, you might have forgotten that, but it was a really big deal at the time.

While Google’s main motivation was to keep being the search technology for fifth-place AOL Search, there was a lot of talk on both sides about the two companies working together. The big get, mentioned right in the press release: Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger integration.

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AOL Acquires Q&A Service Yedda

Trying to Cancel an AdWords Account

I recently discovered a test AdWords account setup by an ex-staffer and while there was never any activity, it didn’t make sense to keep the AdWords or User account live since it would never be used. A cancel request was sent to Google and this was the response:

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IAC Looks To AOL, Gaming

A recent interview with IAC chief Barry Diller revealed a couple of interesting tidbits: the possibility of an IAC-owned AOL; and the potential of online gaming.

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AOL Acquires Yedda Q&A Service

Late last week, AOL released some rather dismal third-quarter financial figures.  This branch of Time Warner isn’t about to go under, however, and its acquisition of Yedda should prove that point.

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AOL Suffers Embarrassing Third Quarter

When AOL laid off 2,000 people last month, some of them were understandably unhappy.  Those people are probably now feeling a bit of schadenfreude, however, because AOL isn’t doing at all well.

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AOL, LookSmart Harbinger Of Ad Weakness

While Google’s shares skate above $700, troubling results at smaller online ad competitors hint at a turbulent future.

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AOL Pings Quigo For Acquisition

Quigo and its AdSonar network became the latest in a string of advertising company acquisitions made by AOL in 2007.

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AOL Spreads Its Privacy Education Program

AOL announced a program that will help Internet users understand behaviorally targeted advertising, along with providing mechanisms for opting out of such targeting.

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Hulu Starts Video Hullabaloo

The anti-YouTube video site supported by News Corp and NBC Universal clicked its private beta with online TV programs featuring “Heroes” and “The Simpsons” in Hulu’s lineup.

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FCC: ISPs Should Forward Emails Like Post Office

The Federal Communications Commission is looking into the issue of whether or not Internet service providers should be required to forward emails to customers who switch providers.

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AOL Releases MyAOL for Cell Phones

It seems AOL wasn’t too serious about dropping the “AOL” part from their future products. After some beta testing, AOL is today launching MyAOL (a customizable mobile desktop) and a regular mobile portal for those not into the whole tweaking thing.

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AOL Dives Deeper Into Mobile Services

AOL will announce several new services for mobile devices today at the CTIA trade show in San Francisco, including a Winamp update that should get more attention from music fans.

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AOL’s Firing Strategy The Subject Of Ridicule

You may not have much use for AOL as a corporation, but its employees, as people, probably deserve some applause – they’re handling a huge round of layoffs quite well.

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Spammers Sentenced, Ordered To Pay AOL

It makes one wonder how convicted spammers are treated in prison. The most recent pair of spammers prosecuted saw witnesses from five states come to testify against them and co-spammers turned on them for (presumably) lighter sentences.

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Gmail Storage Ticks Upward, Lags Yahoo, AOL

Google has given the storage counter for Gmail a little boost to its spin, but believe it or not they could be doing more.

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