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AOL Informs Starboard their Nominees are Useless

Things haven’t been stellar for AOL lately, but they are performing better than many expected. Months ago, Starboard, one of AOL’s major shareholder, voiced their concerns over AOL’s performance and what could be done to unlock shareholder value. More recently, at the end of February, Starboard issued a formal letter to the AOL board of directors asking that they be …

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AOL’s First Quarter 2012 Earnings Report

AOL’s quarterly earnings are in and things aren’t looking too bad for the company. Advertising revenue is up 5% year-over-year, and diluted earning per share reached an incredible $0.22, which is much higher than experts were predicting (they predicted around $0.08 per share). The bad news is subscription and other revenues fell 15% and 27% respectively. This drop makes for …

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