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AOL Redesigns Mail, Talks About Email’s Evolution

AOL, the company who made the phrase “You’ve got mail” iconic, has released a huge redesign to its AOL Mail experience. This is the first major redesign to the product in about five years. Do you use AOL Mail? What do you think of the redesign? DId you use it at one time? What made you stop? What do you …

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Gmail Really Wants You to Switch Email Providers

Gmail will now let you import email and contacts from other email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL (and a bunch more. Full list at the bottom of the article). This means that if you have an old account that you’d like to merge into your Gmail account, you can do so.

It also means (and this is what Google is pushing for) that users of other services can easily start new Gmail accounts without abandoning everything they have built up with another provider. Google is making the switch more enticing.

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