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Antivirus Software: Do You Have To Pay For Better Protection?

In today’s Wi-Fi capable world, it’s no longer a question of whether or not you need antivirus software. Many laptops and tablets come with a trial version of virus protection software already installed. When it expires, you have the option of either paying for the full version of the antivirus program or trying your luck with free software found online. …

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Antivirus Software: No Match For Potential Cybercrime

“There are only two kinds of companies: those who have been breached and those who will be breached.” Such is the claim of Cynthia James, director of business development for Kaspersky Lab, a leading antivirus and Internet security firm. Her assessment may not be far off, either. Identity theft against Target and Neiman Marcus during the holidays last year ended …

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Antivirus Software – How Helpful Is It?

The recent Target security breach allowed hackers to obtain the credit card numbers and information of several thousand customers. Target was using antivirus software and believed that they were offering secure shopping, but it turns out, the software was not enough. Researchers were able to determine that the breach came from a POS malware that likely originated is Russia or …

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