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Apple Says They Didn’t Give Device IDs To FBI

The latest Anonymous escapade already has everybody talking. On Monday, the AntiSec branch leaked 1 million Apple device IDs onto the Internet. They claim that the IDs came from a larger dump of 12 million IDs they took from an FBI laptop. This morning, the FBI issued a statement saying that the accusation was false. Since then, we’ve been waiting …

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FBI Claims They Never Had The Leaked Apple Device IDs

Anonymous’ AntiSec branch is back with a vengeance. The group leaked a million Apple device IDs on Monday. They claim to have an additional 11 million IDs just waiting to be leaked. One of the leaked IDs even belonged to President Obama’s iPad. The most interesting part of the story, however, is how they obtained the IDs. Anonymous says that …

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Anonymous Timeline Alleges #AntiSec an FBI Creation

Affiliates of the Anonymous movement are no stranger to FBI infiltration. Now, however, the hackers and their supporters are wondering if the #AntiSec group was not only infiltrated by federal investigators, but whether the group was itself a creation of the FBI, intended as a honeypot to attract the movement’s top hackers. Anonymous PR Wing @YourAnonNews announced its suspicions on …

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Anonymous Leaks Romania’s Nuclear Department Database

As Romania is engulfed in massive protests over their government’s perceived incompetence, a branch of Anonymous has leaked the nation’s National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering database online. Anonymous has posted a video in support of Romania’s protests. There is no mention of the database leak, instead focusing on the fight to replace their government. They throw their support …

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